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The mites are also known as the squid, and it is a common meter parasite, mainly parasitic in the feathers and skin of chicken, all in the year four seasons. Due to the lower awareness of parasitic diseases and its insufficient understanding of production performance, the farm is easy to ignore the problem of mites, often cause misdiagnosis, delay the treatment timing, and cause a certain economic loss, giving a farm and veterinarian Workers bring great confusion. I. Clinical symptoms: Egg hook infection can cause itching and uneasy, will be jumped, often put itself and flesh, resulting in feather falling, skin damage; the chicken is white, the appetite, the egg rate decreases, the egg shell color is shallow, The chicken is increasing, and the spirit is weak, and nutrients are lacking. Each of the aphids is more than 10 times, and the chicken body is infected with aphid. The blood is constantly losing, causing increased feed consumption; and the effective antibody of avian flu in blood is constantly changing, and the antibody titer has declined. Aphids constantly bite chicken, spread bacterial diseases such as new city vulva and E. coli, Salmonella, resulting in continuous use of drugs. In the chicken house infected in the mites, the farming staff will be bitten in immunization, 捡 eggs, feeding, causing itching, affecting the working status. Second, the control measures: 1. Control the environmental hygiene of the chicken, clean environment effectively prevent the occurrence of chickens: timely remove chicken manure, regularly disinfect the chicken house, ground, cage, net rack, ceiling, etc. Source in the environment in the environment. 2, pay attention to usual prevention, per month. It can be sprayed with 100g eucalyptus oil against 200 pounds, prevent mites. 3, pay attention to the disease in daily feeding management, pay attention to the changes of chicken body, once the problems are found to take immediate control measures, the more favorable the treatment; 4, the disease must be treated in time, total group medication, 100g Le Chang – Eucalyptus essential oil against 100 pounds of water, all chickens, all chickens, complete spray, and spray the feathers of the whole body to the slight wet, the serious part, such as the anus, the thighs, etc., increase the spray Strength. It can effectively drive and even kill the chicken mites, and only the serious chicken is only quarantined, strengthen the administration, or phase out.

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