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Chicken Newcastle Divoids is also what people often say as Asian chicken fever, is a viral disease, the spread rate is very fast, and clinical symptoms often appear in attentive new city.

Non-typical symptoms of new city disease occurred in the chicken group of injection of chicken vaccine, and chicks in the first immunization 7-20 days. Individuals are also seen in newborn children with lower maternal antibodies; 4-5 months after I-system vaccine immunization; producing egg chickens occur before and after layup, especially in the peak of laying eggs; in addition, strong Toxic chicken farms, atypical chickens are still developed with II seedlings.

The clinical symptoms and anatomical symptoms of broilers and densications are as follows:

The new city evolution is mainly manifested as a respiratory symptoms: snoring, strange call, feathers fluffy, twisting neck, At the star, the tip breathing, the downtime decline, the pulling green manure, the spirit is euphemistic, the nerve symptom, the chicken can flow from the mouth to the mouth, generally in the morning, the casualties are relatively large; anatomical symptoms are: adentective nipples Obvious bleeding point, the junction of the gland and the muscle stomach is tapered, small intestinal mucosa bleeding or ulcer.

The symptoms of epigeothus clinical and anatomical symptoms are: while the falling volume declines, the laying fluctuations and decreases, and the laying egg decreases, the egg declines, and the dilute green manure, the spirit is educed, death. Increased rate, fever, high fever, and the chicken tube will be burnt.
Third, laboratory diagnosis

1. Mirror inspection: Take the sick and dead chicks, spleen, cardioptrips, Gram dye and Ritthal staining test, never found bacteria. 2. Separation and culture: Take the liver, spleen, and blood inoculation of the sick and dead chicken, cultured for 24-28 hours at the blood agar medium 37 to C, and there is no bacterial growth. 3. New Town Pharmaceutical Pleucative Inhibition Experiment (HA) Collect 15 cases of chicken serum for chicken new city disease virus hemagglutination inhibitory test, resulting in chicken serum UI price between 1: 160-640.

Fourth, Prevention

1. Strengthen feeding management and control the occurrence of immunosuppressive diseases. Keep the honeyhouse well and reasonable feeding density, improve the disease resistance of chickens, reduce coccidia, Fa’s cystic disease, Ma LickThe occurrence of immunosuppressive disease such as sickness and tricks.

2. Do a good job in sanitary disinfection, do a good job in the disinfection of hatching rooms, machines and eggs, and the chicken farm has implemented all-in-law, reducing outsource, establishing a regular disinfection system, eliminating the presence, pollution of new city disease viruses in chicken farms and environments. Name: Wang Xiao Tel: 15725217809

3. Properly handling the sick and dead chicken, destroy the source. All buried chickens in the sick, must not be discarded or sold to the vendor or slaughter.

SANGRENQINGFEIKOUFUYE, in 30 days, the immunity of the chicken group decreased, and the immunocaron period was easy to take, and it can be treated. A bottle of treatment of 3,000 chickens to prevent 6000 chickens, severe words can be added, low cost, good effect, use 3 days, need to control water, drink 2 hours, can not be with antiviral drugs.

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