Chicken people will collect, antipyretics

First, the acetaminol-also called the hot pendulum:
The most commonly used antipyretic agent is also a relatively safe antipyretic, and the antipyretic effect is rapid and reliable, and the adverse reactions are less. Second, Xiaochai Hu is stable, there is no recruitment phenomenon after cooling, and can reduce the symptoms, no obvious side effects, and the disease is faster. There is a heat, anti-inflammatory, enhanced immune function, and antiviral. Third, aspirin aspirin is a long history of antipyretic, but due to the strong acidity, gastrointestinal stimulation, large doses can cause nausea and vomiting, will also increase or induce ulcer disease and kidney damage. Fourth, compound amino-bobs resemble the amino-bobinic forest is also sick, one of the most commonly used strong antipyretics. If the injection of this dose is too much, the body temperature is reduced, and it is easy to cause. 5. An Nai’s near adverse reactions are also more serious, such drugs can cause lack of granuli, renal damage and severe allergic reactions. Increased drinking water during medication, the poison side effects can be obvious, longer applications can cause granulocytes to reduce, purpura, and even regenerative obstacles can cause anemia, which can cause drug allergies, shock, and even death.

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