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First, what is chicken? Chicken pox is an acute infectious disease caused by acne virus. Second, which chickens are infected with this disease? Any age of the chicken can infect this disease, but with chicks, it is more serious and severe, and the symptoms of adult chickens have been lighter. Third, what behave in the clinical clinical manifestation of the chicken population? Echocker has three types of performance in clinical practice. Skin type chicken. On the other woolen skin of the chicken, meat, eyelids, legs, anus and the body, have a nodes (acne) lesion. At the beginning, the white lesion was started, then rapidly increased and became yellow; in about 2 weeks, there was an inflammatory area and bleeding at the bottom of the lesion, and the dark brown or yellow brown was formed. After 1 2 weeks. The type of chicken poet is generally ligated. There is no significant effect on the spirit of chicken, appetite and the yield egg rate of adult chickens, and generally does not cause death. 2. White throat type acne. On the oral, esophageal and throamer mucosa, white opaque, slightly protruding small nodules, and then rapidly increased. It is often integrated into a yellow cheese like necrotic substance, forming a fake film, and if the pseudo film is forced, the ulcer zone of bleeding can be seen. This type of systemic symptoms are obvious, the spirit is not high, the food is reduced, the breathing is difficult, and the death chicken is only caused by anti-breathing tract. This type of chickenpox mortality is about 30%. 3. Hybrid. Chicken groups have a skin type and diphtheria.
Fourth, which preventive measures should be taken to the disease? There is generally no special treatment method after the chickenpox, so the most fundamental way is the vaccination of the chicken group. The inoculation method is: use a special vaccination needle to prepare a good vaccine solution, pierced in the intravation of the inner triangular area of ​​the chicken wing. After 4-6 days, the sprout site should have a significant acne, and the acne scuned scabs fall off within 2-3 weeks. This topic is approved by 29625248 at 2020-6-28 08:43

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