Chicken sickness must see: 20 days old and shed the respiratory tract

Yesterday, I thought that the breeding friend was shared, aged: 24. Number: 12000 chicken constructs: 11 meters wide, shed is 90 meters long, window air, window is fitted on the wall of the wall. There are columns on the shed on both sides of each window, and the construction is reasonable. Large group status:
There is a significant respiratory change, there is a “groove” screaming chicken, individual chickens, depression, do not love the activities, the feces have changed, the feeding capacity fell by 5 packs, Death, Tao Chicken, with a big chicken, 25 per day. Symptoms: Throat tracheal bleeding, testicular hemorrhage, pancreas, nephrodisiac, adrenal nipple hemorrhage, airbag turbid, peritonitis symptoms, have a significant embolism in the bronchial portion. Diagnosis is: bronchial embolism, airbagitis, peritonitis caused by flu. Analysis of the causes of the disease: By communication, the target temperature of 1.4 meters of the air machine at 20 days is 27.5, which is 29 degrees -28.5 degrees. 0.3 Remove the difference, the negative pressure is adjusted to around 16. 22 days of age suddenly high temperature, the fan is working properly, when the temperature of the western reaches 34 degrees, the customer directly opens the second 1.4-meter wind turbine, 29.5-29 degrees, with the first fan temperature is only 0.5, degree, at the same time The area of ​​the air, the negative pressure is adjusted to 16 or so, everyone thinks that the amount of ventilation has doubled at this time, to 4:30 pm, and the temperature is still in 29.6, and the two big fans have been Work, the flock does not love the activities, the wind speed is large! Although the computer shows 29.6 degrees but the chicken group has almost no performance, seeing everyone should probably have a judgment! In the case of specific analysis, you will communicate several questions:
1. Sports temperature: refers to the temperature attention to the chicken body, the temperature is not shown in the computer, does not represent the body temperature) It is subject to relative Humidity, the impact of wind speed is great! The larger the wind speed in the same chickens, the lower the body temperature; the greater the relative humidity, the higher the physical temperature. 2., wind speed: First, the wind speed of the venting is to refer to the fast-moving wind speed. Can we have enough power to reach the roof, and the hot air of the shed is mixed and then dropped, that is, the negative pressure problem . Generally, the 15-meter width shed is air in the wind speed to reach 4 meters to 4.5 meters, and the negative pressure is not less than 15 at 18-20. 3. The wind speed that the wind speed in the house is the wind speed that the chicken can feel. For example, the summer horizontal ventilation will slowly transition to longitudinal ventilation is to makeThe effective wind speed is formed to reduce the body of the chicken. In other words, although the computer shows that the wind speed is fast, the temperature can feel may be 28 degrees, 29 degrees? ? ? ? ! 4, negative pressure problem: Just a little more, negative pressure refers to the exhaust amount of the exhaust gas in the mechanical ventilation, and the pressure difference between the air is abroad. Through a uniform setting of the air, the air can be uniformly entered into the chicken house, by adjusting the air inlet area to require reasonable air pressure, that is, the adjustment reasonable negative pressure is adjusted to adjust the air we need. In addition, the demand of negative pressure is strictly related to the inside and outside the temperature. The lower the external temperature is especially strict, because the cold breeze does not blow the roof drop caused by cold cold. The higher the external temperature is close to the temperature in the house, the requirements for negative pressure are not so strict. Just as in the summer shed, the negative pressure is poor. Because it comes in, it is impact that the hot air has little effect on the chicken group. Analysis of the cause of onset: 1. There is no principle of ventilation steps, and the transition of the fan is too large. 2. Increase the fan without planning, always pay attention to the weather forecast, planning the heat to the limit, then add the wind, the risk is very. 3. Only pay attention to the temperature displayed by the computer, and does not consider the body temperature of the chicken. Because from a large fan directly added to the two fans, it has increased a large wind area, and the wind speed increase in the house is too fast, and the temperature drop in humidity has fallen too fast, so the computer display temperature is high but the body sense is very low. Leading the cold cold. 4. The external temperature difference between this season now is too large, and the high temperature will be 2-3 hours in noon. After 3:00 pm, the temperature is high but the wind is cool, and the window is too high. Treatment scheme: Management: 1. For more than 20 days of chicken group at noon, high temperature can be properly turned to reduce the activity of chicken to avoid lunch. 2. Appropriately expand, reduce density cooling 3. 20 days of chicken a large fan 29 degree temperature control, if the temperature is high, it can be properly increased, increase the wind speed of the house. If you don’t do it, even if you need to increase the fan, you must first gradually. Add 1 meter fan or wind machine to make appropriate occlusion. Ventilation must be step-by-step! Pharmaceutical: 1, the first course: rich farmers, 300 pounds of water for 4 days. 2, virus Chinese medicine plus airbag inflammatory drugs for four days. Vietyou music plus Waitt, 4 days. 3, small soda, glucose mix (diuretic, replenishment) dosage should be determined according to the actual situation of the chicken! Four days later, return, feces, The internal heat is relieved, the material is different, no increase, the spirit has improved, the respiratory is reduced, the strange call is significantly reduced, the death is fell to 35, mainly with the wake of the wise chicken, the food is 1 day, the respiratory tract is very small And the spirit is normal. Therapeutic experience: 1. Ventilation must be gradually progressing, and if the cold wind can’t blow it directly on the chicken! 2. Due to the gradual increase in ventilation, the wind humidity is difficult to maintain during the day, and the humidity is particularly important (spray and humidification, water humidification) Long-term drying will damage the upper respiratory mucosa of the chicken, and the virus will be in the case.
3. The treatment process of flu is actually mainly a process of continuous and responding, and controls the secondary hyperinca. The incidence of flu will rapidly reduce the level of antibody of the new city, so I must not ignore the medication of new city diseases in the late stage of influenza. When we use the antipyretic, anti-inflammatory promotion, the restoration of the body’s own immunity, because only the body itself produces immunity to generate antibodies to restore health.
4. Common antidics include: Kablin Calcium, Pattern, An Nai, Chaihu Injection. Everyone must pay attention to the effect of 2 consecutive uses of continuous fever in 2 consecutive uses, which is a continuous fever. 5. Due to the increasingness of immunosuppressive diseases, do not forget the existence of mold in any stage of the whole batch of chickens. Now, these diseases are also good, peritonitis is also good. It is not worth it in the later period. It is a flu, and the new city disease also has glandular gastric violas, so improving antibody immunity, eliminating body sub-health is an eternal topic. Summary: Recently, the external temperature is undulating, and the temperature difference is too large. Sometimes the temperature is exceeded in the afternoon, and it will blindly increase the increase in the wind and the wind. Always put the control temperature window, the fan adds and subtraction, do not deceive the temperature displayed by the computer! I always believe that the chicken group will be sick without no reason, and any incidence can find a corresponding vulnerability and problem from the perspective of management.

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