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Slip-liquid bladder is a chronic disease, the mortality is not high, mainly caused the growth and development of chickens and the decline in production performance. Saladiocymid primers mainly cause chicken joints and claws lesions, resulting in difficult chicken action, eventually dying due to malnutrition. After the syndilation of the epithelial disease, the oral administration effect is very poor, and it is difficult to achieve effective blood concentration due to the capillary of the lesion. Therefore, it is preferred to treat the slide of the slide and liquid sac.

Tobi-talliacin is an animal special third-generation macrolide drug, with direct killing of the columns, enhances non-specific immunity of the body. Its antibacterial titer is 5-10 times of Thai Lecuminant, 2-5 times Too Total Total. At the same time, the metabolites 3-AT of Temanosin still have strong antibacterial / anti-branching activity. And for Thai Posin, the drug-resistant strains of the rice test star are still efficient.
The joints of the snoring, cough, tears, eyelid swelling and slider cavity caused by chicken bodies; paralysis, chest cysts, sexual weight loss. Amoma pneumonia caused by pig branch, asthma; pork disease caused by short spirals of pigs; pigs caused by pigs from intracellular Lawson.

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