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Chicken wants to eat cold, and the five major temperes of chickens must be concerned! Every spring, the disease is frequent, it is an old topic. At this point, people say that this stage is the most active season of pathogen breeding, and should do a good job in epidemic prevention, enhance the resistance of the body to prevent the occurrence and spread of the disease. It is right, but not fresh, can be used anytime, anywhere. Ask, when is it not the best season of pathogen breeding? Spring, summer, autumn and winter, when did you have any epidemic? What’s more, the immune epidemic prevention work of the disease is the top priority of the aquaculture industry? Therefore, these views can be talked, but doing we ask us to start from the small details of a little bit, no fine branches cannot be leaked. We all know that the health of the chicken is very close relationship with the temperature of the chicken house. The temperature of the chicken is a very payment of the elements of the chicken, so we should pay attention to the temperature details of the chicken house and the chicken in the chicken. ? 1. The temperature difference between the house is mainly accused of temperature distribution, and there is no ventilation angle, especially the ranging size of more than 8,000. Under normal circumstances, the position of the brood is close to the position of the heating stove, and the temperature is always high, and the position of the heat source is far (near the fan) is always low. To compensate for this shortcomings, you can move the heat sink as much as possible (send the wind bag close to the air out of the furnace to let the hot air backwards), but this operation is more cost-free, sometimes the effect is not ideal, best The way is to give one or more small stoves at a position that is far from the heat source in the case where conditions are allowed. 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In summer, it is necessary to pay attention to the lowest air outlet to be lower than the height of the chicken group (especially ground feeding.The raised chicken group), with a position of about 1-1.5 meters in front of the fan, these will be a ventilated angle. 2, the density temperature difference mainly refers to the uniformity of the chicken group in the house and whether the overall feeding density is reasonable. The normal body temperature of the chicken is 42 ° C, and one principle of the temperature difference between the control density is not to hug each other. Generally, the boyfield is fed in the ground, and the ground is not more than 10 / m2, and the online feeding is also generally no more than 13 / m2. According to the cooling equipment in summer, it can be appropriate, and if the ventilation equipment is not ideal in winter, it is recommended not to blindly expand the density, so as not to induce airbagitis, E. coli, ascites and other diseases. In the process of feeding, it is recommended to use the mesh to divide the chicken into a few or a few pieces, not letting it go back to the free run, so as not to be hot together, it is dispersed and cold. Of course, the density temperature difference is also affected by the timeout of the expansion. 3. The temperature difference of the expansion is referring to the temperature difference generated before and after the expansion of the chicken group, has a certain relationship with the clinical respiratory tractus and expansion. What time is the best. When the temperature can be satisfied, the smaller the chicken density should be, but the biggest density is in that, no matter when, in the case, no matter whether the feet or drink, there should be a chicken waiting or squeezed behind. Drink water. Precautions: 1) Before the expansion group, improve the temperature in the holy (can increase to 30% -40% of the chicken that can be increased to the expansion of the expansion, and the normal temperature is gradually declined. 2) Before expanding, you will be fertile, not less than the existing temperature in the hut, when the temperature can meet the chicken, first pull the plastic to pull down, pay attention to do not go through the chicken in 2 hours. 3) The general plastic has two layers, the distance is not more than 5 meters, and the partition must be fully sealed. In particular, the mesh is less than the cool breeze, and the mesh is generally separated from the plastic to 1 meter away, can’t let The chicken is directly connected to the plastic partition. 4) When the cluster is expanded, the weather is not expanded before and after the weather is sunny, and the chicken will be cautious when subrequise. 4, the back of the chicken, the abdomen temperature difference is mainly to purse the chicken, the mens raised on the Internet. It is clinically hanging on the height of the back of the chicken, and the chicken is the most fragile, and most afraid of cool is the abdomen. Temperature table and temperature probe, the height of the suspension is different, the temperature measured by the chickens (the higher the suspension position, the higher the temperature). In the autumn and winter season, the probe must be placed at 5 cm of the mesh. Caged chickens should be bulld in two layers, stayAfter the end of the hair is moved to the lowermost layer, it is recommended that the position of the temperature probe should be 5 cm below the second layer. 5, the temperature difference of the chicken is mainly referred to that farmer is too high before the chicken will be in place, and the temperature difference produced during the transportation of chicken transportation. Generally, before the chicken museum, it was suggested that the temperature was raised at 35 ° C for 4 hours in advance (ground feeding), and then slowed down to 27 ° C to 30 ° C. After coming to the chicken, put the chicken on the mesh or ground, uncover the carton lid, slowly warmed to 33 ° C to 35 ° C.

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