1. Causes of chicken pockets

In most cases, airbagitis is not a separate disease, which belongs to mixed infections caused by a variety of pathogens, resulting in difficulty in treatment. Big.

2. There are few blood vessels on the airbag, many drugs are difficult to achieve

3. Many drug targetedness is poor, can’t form high blood in the lungs and airbags. The concentration is different for the cause of the respiratory pathogen.

Second, what are the common pathogens that cause airbagitis? Where is the key point of drug control airbagitis?

The main pathogens of the laboratory separation: Escherichia coli, mycoplasma, H9 virus, branch virus, wherein the pathogenesis and E. coli were high at 90%. It can be seen that the infection of E. coli and mycoplasma in the lungs and airbags is the key to treating airbagitis.

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