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The lamb premixing license has always been a problem with the headache of sheep farming, and I want to find a good lamb premix. But how should I choose a lamb premix? Which lamb premix is ​​good? Which lamb premix is ​​more trusted? By simple analysis of Chicchuan, I will teach you some ways:

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Lamb premixed card

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The feed industry is best Who is it? Most people will answer twins, because twins are more focused, only the market positioning of pig materials also makes it more professional and deep farmers, while pigs, chicken, water, seeds, and finance I want to do. A XX farm, most people are not optimistic, the reason is very simple, doing too much! So choosing the lamb premix card, first choose the focus of the lamb premix, from the professional, focus, only to be a cattle and sheep products, the Chilikawa brand, better than the vegetarian animal, better than pig chute The brand did what sheep is doing;

Second, who is the effect? The easiest way is to sample, if you choose a lamb premix, you can order a few pieces to make a sample, such as general ordering 5, 6 pieces of premix, take a part to do contrast test. Since the conclusion, although it takes hundreds of dollars, if this feed effect is good, then this lamb premix is ​​worth continuing, and the mass order can also strive for more discounts, and the cost can also come down;

Third, look at the intention of the lamb premix card, including from the official website, WeChat, Taobao, packaging, service, etc., see how this lamb premix is, the more heart, the more trust it. At the same time, you can also understand its user evaluation through Taobao shop, WeChat microwash, of course, if you use a certain brand lamb premix, it is more assured!

Chicchuan Lamb Premix, focus on cattle and sheep feed, more professional brands, trustworthy, Chilechuan is not afraid, not afraid of try, with excellent quality, welcome to contact .

[Chilechuan LambPremixed plate characteristics]
1, Chilechuan – focus on do cows, more focuses, more professional!
2, the price of Chicchuan Lamb Premix is ​​lower than the peers, but the product quality is much higher than that of similar manufacturers. It has high cost performance. The farming unit can always contact the Chilikawa sample, Chilechuan is not afraid !

1. Chilechuan focused on cattle and sheep products, more focused, more professional;
2. Print master formula, formula Better, better quality, better effect;
3. Use thickened internal and external bag packaging, more assured during transportation, breakage of 100%);
4. Generally, guide farmers ingredients, farmed to achieve the most Good effect;
5. Production lies in Beijing, regulatory and product control better, guaranteeing quality is better;

[Chilechuan – only do a good nice! 】
Consult a gift!
Senior Customer Manager: Zheng Wenjun, 17777-836-390
Chilechuan WeChat: Search CLCFEED Follow Chilechuan WeChat, sign in to win the winning award!

1.4% lamb 小 生 长 长 复 预 预 预;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
3.4% of the mother sheep breeder compound pre- mixed feed (Y940);
4.1% Lamb (Y310), fattening sheep (Y610), mother sheep (Y910) feed factory, large and medium-sized farm core premix;

1. Jianweizu diet agent (rhemetrin);
2. Rumorin (herbal food);

[ Chicchuan promises]
Feed e-commerce brand, high quality and low price;
free logistics delivery, Tongda national regions;
Receive safety and rest assured, breaking a hundred percent remediation;
Technical team, solve customer breeding problems;
with professional formula, play animal growth potential;
regular tracking guidance to help customers improve efficiency!


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