Choose cat sand with cats

u=1315001220,3834463801&fm=26&gp=0.jpg How do you determine which cat sand likes? It is also very simple, many brands of cat sand have small packaging, picking a few well-known brands of cat sand Try to the cat, see which kind of thing it likes, it is okay.

When the selection is not blind, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

First, choose cat sand that can condense to eradicate, this cat Sand is easy to clean and you can absorb the smell;

Secondly, the cat likes there is no flavor, so try not to use the rich cat sand, but the owner often likes the aroma of cat sand, so I didn’t consider the feelings of the cat when I selected, so I bought the cat sand cat didn’t like it. I must remember that cat sand is used for cats, and their favorite cats are suitable.

If the cat does not like our cat sand to choose the cat sand: scratch the cat sand disk, stand in the cat sand disk or go in and jump out, directly in the cat Next to it is “便 便”. Therefore, when you find that your cat appears above, please replace another cat sand, determine if you can’t easily replace other brands.

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