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The growth of circulating water breeding is critical to the growth and development of fish, the number of feeding and the amount of feeding are not in place, and will directly affect the growth and development of fish. The feeding of young fish is to follow a small amount of many principles. As the fish grows slowly, the feeding gradually fixed time and frequency, basically can be automatically takenover.

In the circulating water system, it is generally tied to eat light in 20 minutes. This time is based on the speed of the fish’s feeding speed and the feed itself. definite. If the time is too short, the fish’s feeding is not sufficient, and there will be a lot of time to eat less. Time is too long, the feed will be soft and divergently can generate ammonia nitrogen, affect the growth of fish, and some feed will be eaten, and the utilization is too low. When you encounter a more slow food, you can properly extend the time and lower the flow rate. For example, the tongue is not exercised, the feed is not eating, and even the need to suspend the water to improve the food rate.

Each fish is different in various growth stage, we must develop a relatively solid investment based on repeated feeding, observation, recording, feedback according to the amount of fish in the fish. Feeding strategy. It is accustomed to the feed merchandise to simply divide the fish into the opening, the fish, and the fish. The maximum particle size swallowed in a batch of fish as the principle of feed specifications. Usually the manufacturer will give you a guidance specification according to the body length of the fish. The fisheries in the opening period and the dried fish are very fast. The reserves of the feed are difficult to grasp. Generally, there are some preparations before and after, so they will not be able to keep the feeding when the fish grows.

The feed is generally divided into pellets, pensions, and full cooked materials depending on the machining method. The particles are old, the processing steps are small, the feed density is large, the particles are hard, and the settlement speed is difficult, and the feed utilization is low, but the cost is low. The current cooked material is high, the starch is high, the feed settlement speed is controllable, the absorption and utilization of the fish is high, but the processing cost is high, and the nutrient constant is lost, and can only pass the downturn in the later spraying. ingredient. In general, the cooked material is the trend of feed development. As the technology is constantly improving, the feed must be developed towards the utilization rate and low water pollution rate.

Next, the fish needs to die, when the temperature is too high, when the water quality is deteriorated, it is necessary to die in the water quality, and the transportation needs to die for one to two days. According to the stomach, long or even downtune, there is no downturbation. Fast food in front of the pool, branches, sampling, and clearing the pool to one day. Fish will not have irreversible damage in a weeks in water quality. Fast-looking can effectively alleviate water quality and reduce fish stress, resulting in stable long-speed and yield.

The most critical is to establish a feed archive and a standard process, reduce the risk of manual malfunction, is the correct posture of opening factory chemical circulating water farming.

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