Classic case analysis of raising chicken-influenza mixing

There are more than 20 days of praise in Linyi customers, 25 days today, more than 100 casualties.

Symptoms: Typical flu mixing – bronchoitis, viruses

1, large groups have many chickens, E. coli, fever.
2, airbagitis, with obvious yellow serials on the airbag. The temperature of the chicken with the airbagitis is not too high, because there is a balloon inflammation, the chicken body temperature adjustment function is lowered, and the fever is added, and the temperature is too high.
3, bronchial blockage, hypoxic edema in pneumonia: increase ventilation, improve the quality of the chicken house. Pay attention to humidity.
4, liver and kidney swelling bleeding: minimizes the drug to the liver and kidney stimulating, and the liver and kidney was adjusted with a liver and kidney drug in the evening. The liver and kidney is not good, the effect of medication will be greatly reduced.
5, chicken fever: This time you must use a lot of antipyretics. If you want to want to treat it, you must first open it. Just want to treat the chicken, you must have anti-inflammatory to drink water, you can use it. And the antipyretics is the key. Only the chicken does not have a fever, it will take a drink.

Treatment plan:

1, 清 + Viyoule + Yite. Clean the 痰 去 去 去. Reduce the death of chicken. The antipyretic is bleed, reducing the body temperature, let chicken eat water, prevent chicken dehydration. Painting the kidney for the use of the following uses the basis, “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “

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