Clear heat, anti-virus, low pathogenic virus / clear fire

clearing cold blood, anti-virus, low pathogenic virus / clear fire
used name: plazening
, pure natural antiviral Chinese herbal preparation
Second, scale pig farm Dedicated, can be used with any antibiotics, vaccines
3, prevention and treatment of low-pathogenic blue-ear virus persistent infections:
1. Pigged pigs, curl, thin, growth slow
2. Care pig At a certain age, there will be 10-20% of the pig fever, cough, breath, and long-term treatment, various antibiotic therapy is invalid
3. Weather mutation, transform feed, turn circle, group, pigs, there will be a pig fever , The amount of food is decreased
4. The sow is abnormal, the return rate is increased, and the cause of the feed is decreased. The pigs have the inside of the pig, the abdomen is blue purple bleeding point
Four, usage and usage
1. This product 1 kg of mixture is 1,000 pounds per bag, after 5-7 days, the pigs are stable, and the feeding capacity is increased.
2. The sow uses 10 days per month, normal, high-cost rate, high survival rate, stable piglets, fast growth, and immunity.

[Packaging Specifications] 1kg / bag * 12 bags / piece
[Price] 80 yuan / bag

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