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Recently, Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. cooperates with Laizhou Jinshu Masto Co., Ltd., using exclusive product bile acid, to solve the accumulation of pork group toxin to Laizhou farmers, and have been widely recognized! Laizhou farmer households, 40 sow, 40 sows, friends listening to peers say that the use of bile acids is good! Take the initiative to contact Teacher Liu, Mr. Liu and me, order bile acid! I learned that the boss communication process learned that Liu Boss used some products to do health care to the sow, but it has been feeling that the sow is still a problem of toxin accumulation. I know that my friends are good, the evaluation is also very good. ! So even if you haven’t used the bile acid but it is still without hesitation! And pay the cash directly! I also introduced the use of bile acids: Pregnancy: 500 g / ton lactation period 1000 grams / ton, mixed water drinking water 500g / ton for three internal organs such as tear spots, 1000 g / ton, mixture For 20 days

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Bile Acid: l Use 7-10 days, sow is delicious, and mental state is significantly improved! l Use more than 20 days, sow tears, rust line disappear! l Improve the amount of sow, reduce piglet nutritional diarrhea! L Long-term addition, sow is non-toxic, neopled, the pork! The principle and way of bile acid work is different from other products! Bile acid is the main component of bile, adding bile acids, which can make up for the decrease in bile secretion caused by damage to the liver! The first large function of the liver is to synthesize the bile, bile is an important carrier for the function of the liver! The realization of many important functions of the liver is also a cycle of bile in the body. When the liver is damaged, the synthesis secretion of bile occurs first. Therefore, the first step in the liver is to ensure the bile secretion of the liver! Compared with conventional products, bile acids have the following advantages: 1 Targeticity (the first time to make up for the liver damage) 2 non-toxic side effects (non-drug attributes, no drug toxicity, liver does not hurt liver, no Additional burden on the liver) 3 The effect is stable and does not repeat (bile acid will continue to circulate with the bile)!
Clear the accumulation of toxins in vivo, safe non-toxic deputy, clear tear iron rust line

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