Clinical symptoms and prevention measures of pig depression

Pig chinensis, porcine sterile disease, is a infectious disease in piglets by Salmonella bacteria. Acute performance is sepsis, subacute and chronic type. Solidal enteritis is characterized by refractory diarrhea and ileum and colorectal.
Clinical symptoms
The incubation period is not equal to 2 days to several weeks, clinical is divided into acute type and chronic type:
acute (septic type) is more common in piglets before and after weaning, the clinical manifestation is a body temperature rise of 41 ~ 42 ° C, the mental is not cheap, the appetite is reluctant. There is a dysenger, difficulty breathing, the ear, the human skin, and the skin has a purple spot, sometimes death within 24 hours of symptoms, but most of the disease is 2 to 4 days, the mortality is very high.
Chronic (colon inflammation) is more common clinical practice. The body temperature rises up to 40 ~ 41.5 ° C, the mental loss, loss of appetite, chill, often stack together, the eyes are viscous or purulent, the upper and lower eyelids are often adhesive, and a few cornea turbid, severely developed as ulcers, and even eyeballs Corrosion, the disease will be secret after the death, the feces are light yellow or gray green, stench. Mixed blood, necrotic tissue or fiber flakes, sometimes dried in a few days, and it can be repeated multiple times. Due to the dysentery, loss of water, it is quick to lose weight, final failure, death rate.
Preventive measures
Preventive principles Strengthen feeding management to eliminate the induced induction. The swine group that often occurs, considers the injection of pig sub-injury, and one month after birth and one and a half months of breastfeeding health piglets are immunized twice, and the seedlings can be orally inoculated. Adding antibiotics feed, such as hydromymithicin additives, anti-disease and promoting piglet growth, but should pay attention to the emergence of anti-drug strains. When this is discovered, isolation, disinfect; death and disinfect the abstainment of harmless treatment to prevent the sophoresis and the human food poisoning.
Treatment application plate green plus antibiotic treatment of piglets is better. Treatment should be carried out simultaneously with improvement of feeding management, and the dose is sufficient for use in medication.
Boystein, clear heat and detoxification, enhance appetite, and improve body immunity. 500 grams of mixture is 1000 kg or 500 grams of drinking water 1000-2000 kg, effectively preventing pig depression.

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