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On December 22nd, the Guizhou Provincial Agriculture Committee and the Chinese Sanfang Group Co., Ltd. signed a framework agreement will be built in 1-3 large beef cattle breeding in Guizhou Province, deep processing integrated industrial park, 300 beef cattle breeding units (cooperatives), joint work together Promote the development of livestock industries in Guizhou.
It is understood that since the establishment of the Sannong Group, Sanfang Group has adhered to the mission of “Building a New International First-class Modern Agricultural Industry Group, the New Agriculture” of Modern, Ecological, Harmony, and Circulating, in the rural land transfer, agricultural scale Actively develop business in terms of rural urbanization construction, and realize the development of enterprises in the service of three agriculture. Since 2016, Zhonghe Sannong Group Co., Ltd. plans to use 3 years to complete the first round of 100,000 young cows introduced.
The two sides will adopt the “Government + Enterprise + Farmers (Cooperatives)” Tri-integrated Industrial Cluster Development Model (Contract Mode) or the Government’s development of project cooperation with policy poverty alleviation funds (precise to home).

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