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Coarse feed: Generally, an adult ewe eats the crude feed of each day, how to calculate how many crude feeds in the mother, and the coarse feed of sheep accounts for 2.5% -3% of weight. That is to say, 100 pounds of eating a day, about 2.5-3 kg of crude feed.

Substant feed: So what should the ewec feed should occupy? The fine feed is based on the weight ratio, which is generally 0.7-1.1% of weight. That is to say: A 100 pound of her sheep requires 0.7-1.1 kg of fine feed.

Configuring the materials commonly used in the fine feed include: corn, bran, soybean meal, Meijia mother premix, salt, soda, etc. : Of course not the same!
Pregnant ewes are divided into pregnancy and late pregnancy. The proportion of fine feed in the early pregnancy is relatively low, which helps the fetus, which is about 0.8% to be satisfied. A lot of sheep’s way is not to feed the fine feed, the lamb is low, I can only tell you this, don’t feed, there is no relationship, the sheep nutrition can not keep up, easy to abate, or a dead phenomenon, Chinese ewec nutrition expert Meiya – – I hope that the friends must be scientific. In the late pregnancy, the lamb grows accelerate in the abdomen, nutrient demand, the proportion is 1%, to 5-10 days from 5-10 days, at this time, it takes appropriate amount to reduce the ratio of fine feed It is convenient for the output of the lamb, and increase the amount of activity and prevents production.

Of course, the ratio of the fine feed has a certain relationship with the variety, and the variety of sheep will definitely get preference, and some natural refined feed ratios are relatively low. If the variety is poor, the growth is slow, we must divide, because the variety is poor, and the excessive addition of the fine feed can only make us lose, so the breeding of the sheep is the key to the success of our breeding.

Crude feed, fine feed

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