Cold cold and wind fever difference

Chicken is cold and windy distinctive Chinese medicine divides colds into “cold cold” and “wind hot cold”, although the difference is poor, but there is a clear difference in the form of expression and treatment. First, the wind hot cold, cold, cold, heat is hot, not afraeversion, the limbs are stretched; they are injured, so the initial drinking water will increase, the chicken is more manifested as a symptom of dehydration; wind hot cold is more cough, but There will be a “rehabilitation” illusion, and the first day of normal pathogenesis is fell quickly, even halving. Second, the cold cold is due to the cold, the limbs, causing the spirit of the chicken group, the sport is not smooth, the lower extremity is cold, the lower part of the cold evil, the cold cold, because of the injury, so in the early days of not thirsty not greedy The symptoms of the respiratory are more dull, such as snoring, in the early morning and evening, the state of the chicken group is particularly uncharged, and in the noon and morning in the temperature rise, the mental state is better, even give people “rehabilitation”; initial The decline in food is slower or even. For the egg chicken, the color of the cold cold and wind hot cold, the color of the eggshell will be dimmed, but the cold cold is more obvious; and the wind hot cold falls faster. The cold cold has more seasonal seasons in winter and autumn and winter; while wind hot colds are more in summer and summer autumn alternating season
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