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518 raised sheep network news, currently used in the same period of the dairy cow has a vaginal embolization method, an implantation method, and an injection method.
(1) Acute 阴 vaginal embolization method: Advantages are the sustainable function of the efficacy, and the drug is simple. A disadvantage is that it is easy to fall off. Put a soft foam or a sponge block (generally 10 cm, thick 2cm, due to the individual of the cattle), piercing the thin line, immersed in the progesterone preparation solution after strictly disinfection, and then use the long handle toggle into the subcarison The cervix is ​​deep, one end of the line is introduced to the junction to take out at the end. Generally, it is taken from 9 to 12 days to take a sponge, and in time to symptomatic blood-promoting gonadotropin 800 ~ 1000Iu, 2 to 4 days of milk estrus. The type and amount of progesterone preparation: 18 methylthynylene 100 to 150 mg, parapostatone 120 ~ 200 mg, methroid progesterone 150 to 200 mg, chlorine progesterone 60 to 100 mg, progesterone 400 ~ 1000 mg.
(2) Physical implantation method is to embry the special implant composite agent under the dairy ear skin. After 12 days, it takes out after 12 days, and at the same time, myoplasm is 800 ~ 1000Iu, 2 to 4 days. Cow estrus.
(3) Injection method: injection of prostaglandin F2а and its analogs, dissolved the yellow body, shorten the yellow body, and reached the same period estrus. Most cows are estrus 2 to 4 days after treatment. This method is suitable for dairy cows with yellow body on the ovary, and the bulls without yellow body do not work. The injection dose is usually from 0.2 to 0.5. After treatment with prostaglandin, some cows may have no response. For these cows, two treatment methods can be used, that is, after 11 to 13 days after the first treatment, the second injection is performed, and the emotions of the same period can reach more than 80%. . Because the prostaglandin has a dissolved yellow body, there will be abortion after the pregnant dairy is injected, so the milk will be confirmed when using prostaglandin. (518 raised sheep network)

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