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canine parvovirus enteritis comprehensive treatment technology

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Dog small virus disease is an acute infectious disease of dogs caused by dog ​​thin viral infections, and its clinical manifestations have type 2, namely enteritis and myocardial inflammatory. The intestinal inflammation is more common, the main features are 4 points: 1 The temperature rise of the disease can reach 40 ~ 41 ° C; 2 first vomiting, then the diarrhea, the fecal is yellow or yellow, and then turn into a tomato saucer, smell odor , Especially unknown; 3 after vomiting, diarrhea, that is, showing obvious dehydration symptoms, weakness, thin, spiritual depth, eye-catching, skin elasticity; 4 late anal relaxation, blood, fell, body temperature dropped to 37 ° C Finally, it can be died due to electrolyte disorders. From the variety, this disease mainly occurs in small dog species, and has more descendants of the folk dogs, and the large dogs are rare; from the age of onset, the disease is more than 5 months old, adult dogs Less hair; from the season, 2 to June, there are few more other seasons.
Treating dog fine viral enteritis has no special effects, clinical treatment measures should be taken, common methods are: symptomatic therapy + support therapy + specific therapy + Chinese medicine therapy.
1 symptomatic therapy
The main characteristics of dog fine viral enteritis are vomiting, diarrhea, blood, and symptomatic therapy should seize these three key. The stop spout can be used with Aimurt, stomach resiscation, VB6, atropine, chlorpromazine and other drugs. Clinically, I should prefer to use Atropine, if necessary, the gastrointestinal bleeding is avoided with stomach. Titanic acid can be used in diarrhea. Due to the vomiting of the disease, it is not suitable for oral administration, it is best to use deep enema. In order to prevent and treat intestinal bleeding, adrenaline, Antonolic acid, Arabic acid, aid, hemostasis, VK3, VK1. If the muscle injection effect is not satisfactory, it can be combined with intramuscular injection or intravenous drop to stop bleeding, sodium sodium.
2 Support therapy
Main utility for supporting therapy is to maintain heart function, regulating acid-base balance, restore physical condition as soon as possible, and the most common way is a strong effort. The infusion can be used to apply 0.9% sodium chloride solution, a forest, 5% sugar salted. When the puppies under Aprost, glucose solution should be increasedInput amount. At least 1 time should be infused every day. Slightly vomiting, can use oral hydrolymate from drinking: sodium chloride 3.5g, 1.5 g of potassium chloride, 2.5 g of sodium bicarbonate, 20g of glucose, and water to 1000 mL.
While infusion, attention should be paid to potassium, calcium calcium, and sodium bicarbonate.
All those who have been fasted for 3 days, should be supplemented with potassium, the amount of weight per kilogram of weight is 0.1 ~ 0.2g, 2 to 3 times supplements; when simple potassium, the concentration should not exceed 3%; if concentrated High, can be diluted with 5% to 10% glucose solution.
Calcium can often prevent low calcium push, venous infusion of 10% calcium gluconate solution, and dose of 1 to 2 mg / kg.
Supplementary sodium hydrogencarbonate solution can prevent acidosis, 5% sodium bicarbonate solution can be used, with a weight of 5 ml / kg weight, diluted with 2 times 5% glucose or 10% glucose solution to become an alfaque solution. After, intravenous drip. In order to protect the liver, strong heart, ATP20 to 40 mg, acetyl COA100 ~ 200Iu, or intravenous intravenous calcium gluconate solution should be added in intravenous injection.
3 Specific therapy
Dog small viral enteritis is a viral disease, no special treatment drug, clinically use of ampicillin (15 ~ 20mg / kg), gentamicin (2 ~ 8,000 IU), Dexamethasone (2 ~ 20mg), gentamicin (40,000 IU), fluoripipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipipic acid, etc. If the diagnosis is accurate, in time, in the early days of this disease, use high serum, fine viral monoclonal antibody, interferon, immunoglobulin, dog-like source and other specific products.
43] Fang No.1: Huanglian 20g, Cork 30g, Astragalus 50g, Wooden 35g, White peony 40g, Pueraria 20g, land 30g, slate blue root 40g, Tulip 30g, gardenia 20g, millennium 30g , Large thistle 25g, small thistle 25g, licorice 15g. Shuijianbi, 3 times in the sun, 1 dose 2 days; when vomiting is severe, you can choose the rectal depth.
Fang 2: Tulip 15g,

Palong 20g, Huanglian 10g, Cork 10g, Astragalus 10g, White peony 10g, gratin 15g, glycycetic 20g. Shuijianbi, 1 dose per day, serving 3 to 5 doses. Puppy, discretion


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