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In recent years, domestic dairy pastures have been shuffling, about 70% of small pastures have been closed, and the ranch operations that persist in persistence are not optimistic. Affected by the international market and the control of certain domestic milk companies, the price of milk, high feed costs, and ranging from the pasture, plus management is not in place, leading to difficulties in the pasture, the profit point is very low, even lost money.
Narciful pasture can only be aware of managing breeding technology, and I have a hard work. The management is not in place, leading to the performance of the personnel, the bosses also know the importance of the system, can be in the manner of the manager, and the bosses will only hire a field leader in order to save money, and they are not willing to increase managers. , Leading to the implementation, examination, statistics, and assessment of the system, the shape is not data, and there is no data, there is no data, and the pasture will make the pasture, and the pasture boss recursive every day.
The author has been engaged in the technical services of the cow pasture, has been working in the front line, every day, recruit veterinary medical, breeding, milking, TMR operator, tractor driver, pusher, yak feeder, milking hall Long and other positions, knowing the difficulty of recruitment. If there is a person who is looking for a job or the boss with the willingness to see this post, you can comment on this, you can also call, call 18763806538.

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