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The factory chemical circulating water breeding system needs to use many technologies. It is not necessary to find a few devices. It can be used as a system. The system’s water level and water flow balance are important. Just find a few devices to assemble it. This problem may occur, especially the equipment of different manufacturers, so it is recommended that if you want to build a factory-to-circular water breeding system, you should design it first. It is best to have a system’s main equipment for one-time, if the fund is limited It is not particularly important for a part to be temporarily unused. The system is running down. It is also possible to remember, remember, not particularly important equipment, such as water quality monitoring (prior to reagents), pure oxygen equipment Wait, but main equipment is still suggested in position. Now I want to automate, I want to reduce artificial, but now we will talk about the function of the system’s main equipment, and automation is left behind.
Main core equipment of factory chemical circulating water breeding system: automatic microfilter, ozone machine, residual ozone removator, protein separator, floating bed biological filter, composite degassing sterilizer, circulating water pump. These seven devices are necessary. Now let’s talk about the working principle of the equipment, the automatic microfilter: This is also a new device. Because of its automation, the working principle is very simple, the cultured water flows to the automatic filter machine, this When the clean water flows out, the impurities of the residual feed and the feces are filtered out. When the impurities reach a certain extent, the network will not flow to the water, and the control of the microfilter is controlled. The electric box will induce, automatically clean and put the impurity discharge equipment, and it is not necessary to use it normally. Only when automatic anti-cleaning is required, it is very convenient to use. Ozone: Everyone knows that this is a disinfection equipment. The disinfection ability of the ozone machine is not doubt. It can be said to be the strongest disinfection method. What bacteria can kill, combined with the protein separator more effective together . The principle of the protein separator is filtered, simply, the microfilter is a impurity that is filtered over the residual feed and the feces, and some feed and feces have been dissolved in water, what should I do? What should I do? No need to worry, this is the role of the protein separator, which is to bring these organics, proteins, suspended materials such as water. Residual ozone removal: Look at the name, know that it is removing the residual ozone, there may be some people (especially those who have not been touched) will have questions, why should thisequipment? Isn’t the ozone machine? The answer is: Not, because the soda is very disinfection ability, it is possible to remove all bacteria, which can damage our fish and shrimps, so it is necessary to use this residual ozone removal. Floating Bed Biofilter: This is a very simple but very important equipment, the main role is to degrade ammonia nitrogen, subtributed salts, and cultivate biofilms. However, there are many kinds of biological filters, everyone said that they are good, the specific kind is good? This will leave it to the market to judge.嘿嘿. Compound degassing sterilizer: This is a device that is very important but easily ignored, simply, is to remove harmful gases such as cooker, ammonia and UV sterilization.

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