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Cold is due to the sudden changes in climate, the rain, the animal body is caused by the cold invasion, and the nasal flow is clear, the breathing is accelerated, and the temperature rise is high.
Most occurred in early spring and autumn. The weak, malnutrition, chronic disease, clinical, healthy beasts are more vulnerable, and the incidence of animal survival is high.
[Cause] 1, climate change. 2, was wet by the rain. 3, the bedroom is poor, the thief is invading. 4, the body is thin, and the cold resistance is low. 5. When the long-distance transportation seeds, they were invaded by the thief. 6. Transport species from a higher temperature to a lower temperature.
Clinical main symptoms] 1. The body temperature is increased, and the nose is dry. 2, water sample nasal liquid. 3, shame tears. 4, cough, difficulty breathing. [Diagnosis] 1. It is basically confirmed by the factors of the clinical main symptoms. 2. Consider the symptoms of the dog’s disease and similar, which can be identified by immunological methods.
[Treatment] 1, Into Kang, 1 piece, 2 times a day, feeding. 2, Kangtail, 1 capsule each time, once a day, feeding. 3, An Nai injection, each 2ml, 1 time per day; 400,000 units of penicillin, muscle injection, 2 times a day. 4, compound wearing hearts injection, intramuscular injection, every 1 ~ 2ml, once a day.
5, Chaihu injection, intramuscular injection, 2 ~ 3 ml per day, 2 times a day. 6, compound new Nonoming, 0.2 ~ 0.4 g, 2 times a day; in Kang, 1 tablet each, 2 times a day. 7, board blue root injection, intramuscular injection, 1 ~ 2ml each time, once a day. 8, Amoxicillin is used in 200, and there are 300 bottles of Shuanghuanglian oral liquid.
[Prevention] 1. Master the information on temperature changes, and make prevention measures in advance. 2. Improve the overall health level of animals and enhance animal anti-resistance energy. 3, long-distance opera should feed some anti-resistant drugs before transport, such as vitamin C, Kang Bull, or purple Cape Golden

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