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A large amount of oxygen is required in the manufacture of aquaculture in the factory, and the physiological activities of fish require oxygen. 3kg of oxygen per ton, the biological filter is converted to ammonia, if each ton, 1kg ammonia nitrogen, 4.75kg Oxygen; indirectly consumes 7.57kg of oxygen per day, so continuously provides sufficient dissolved oxygen (DO) for fish and biofilters to be a necessary condition for normal operation of the water cycle treatment system. Foreign research shows that in order to grow the fastest growing, the DO parameters should remain in the water DO saturation of 60% or higher than 5 ppm, and when DO is below 2 ppm, nitrate bacteria is ineffective.
The method of controlling the oxygen and its principle controlling the oxygen is actually to control the process of oxygen to the aquaculture water body. A wide variety of oxygen in aquaculture, which can be substantially divided into three categories, chemical methods, and biological methods depending on the principle of oxygen. The physical method mainly uses mechanical oxygen to increase the rate of dissolution in oxygen in the water body using a mechanical device to increase the dissolved oxygen in the water body. The chemical method is to put some chemicals into a cultured water, relying on these substances to decompose or react with water to increase the amount of oxygen. A method of dissolving oxygen in water by increasing aquatic plants in the fish pond through these aquatic plants through these aquatic plants. At present, physical oxygenation methods are generally employed at home and abroad. There are three types of physical oxygen: mechanical oxygen; pure oxygen and oxygen oxygen. Mechanical oxygen utilization mechanical power increases the contact area and contact time of the water body and air, so that the two are sufficiently contacted, which causes oxygen in the air to sufficiently dissolve into the water.
Different oxygen-based uses foreign-large-scale fishing plant uses pure oxygen and oxygen oxygen. Injection of 99% of liquid pure oxygen-containing hydrogen body by gas-liquid contact oxygenation apparatus, the water dissolving oxygen can be reduced, which greatly increases the amount of dissolved oxygen, and the efficiency is higher than the mechanical oxygen. Pure oxygen, oxygen and mechanical oxygen comparison, more advantages: power saving; farming density increased by 3 to 4 times; fish is growing fast; reduce production costs; purified water body, etc., greatly increase the output of fish in units. Due to the simple mechanical oxygen generator structure, convenient maintenance, low cost, generally applied to pond breeding, so a wide range of applications in China.
In addition, the ZH-RAS plant chemical circulating aquaculture system produced by Guangzhou Environmentally-friendly design is produced by oxygen oxygen oxygen, and the pure oxygen generated by the hydrogen in the pure oxygen injection.In the water, the water dissolved oxygen content is rapidly increased, and the purpose of oxygen in the water body can reach 8.8 mg / L or more, meet the demand for large-scale factory cultured oxygen consumption.

In summary, due to the broadening in the domestic stage, the scale of the factory culture plant is mostly smaller, so the mechanical oxygen generator is mainly used. Foreign and Taiwan fish farm farming has large scale, high farming density, high in oxygen system, and generally adopt pure oxygen, oxygen oxygen oxygen. Although mechanical oxygen generators currently meet domestic demands, considering large-scale formal factory fishing mills and trends, pure oxygen, oxygen-enriched oxygen-based technology is inevitable.
Soloxium automatically controls my country’s factory’s farming density is not high, and inflatable oxygen is usually used in the process of traditionally used. During the process of plant aquaculture, solubol oxygen varies at different times. For example, after feeding, fish digestible food will make the oxygen rapidly decrease, then control the inflatable pump to increase the gas, ensure solubol oxygen the amount. When the dissolved oxygen demand is reduced, the amount of inflation is reduced to reduce inflation time and reduce energy consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to dissolve oxygen automatic monitoring and oxygen is very necessary.
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