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The meat seed chicken has a long period of feeding cycle, which has been reaches a year and a half, and the negligence of each link may affect the future production performance of the seed. One of the most important one is the control of the uniformity of the cultivation period, affecting the uniformity of the uniformity, the individual difference, the chick source (primary weight), the food time, healthy level, chicken, feeding capacity, feeding density, etc. In response to the above factors, in order to improve the uniformity of the chicken group, a greater limit of the eucalyptus seedlings, more limited to the production potential of the meat seed chickens, for the “two high and low” root pad, and the groove chain feeding Parents can take meat seeds, which can take the following response:

1 body difference

1.1 Chickens: work from the beginning of the chicken, run through the entire breeding period, in the pre- Chicken work is mainly combined with immunization. In the initial immunity, each immunization can adjust many chickens, combined with handmade sprinkles, light weight, and weight, thereby improving the body weight uniformity of the whole group. The management personnel should pay attention to the weight of each chicken, especially the weight of the chicken on the day to give a suitable weight range. On the other hand, you should remember the number of chickens per circle, and the chickens can not make mistakes.

1.2 Brackets: 2-3 Weekly Age According to the immune adjustment, organize the whole personnel to scale the entire chicken group according to the actual weight of the whole day, and use the electronic scale to divide the whole group Chicken, chicken, chick. The large chick is generally defined in a positive weight of 10% in weight range, and the rest is the chicken. The entire population process is relatively boring, so we should arrange employees reasonably, and a certain mind of the number of chickens is clear, the number of chickens will seem hairdressing, but it is absolutely can’t be horses and tigers. After the group, each lap must be fixed, and must not run chicken, especially when it is hand. Focus on the waterline, the door of each lap, the joints of the wall, etc.
1.3 Feed separately: Here is the thin chicken that is immune, daily, etc., is taken care of with the amount of material, which has increased its weight, and the body is intact. Veterinary drug agent 1866.TV

The chicks from the ancestral chicken farm, because the ancestral seeds are different, and the newness is different, so different sources Chickens may not be in a circle. This gives different amounts, making weight gradually balancing, uniform.

3 Food

In the current broiler, there is already a large amount of evidence that the sooner of chicks, the sooner, the soon it is conducive to the absorption of yolk, the more conducive to the early resistance of chicks. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the feed and drinking water before the chicks.
4 Health Levels

Undoubtedly, the health level of the chicken group is positively correlated with the control of the uniformity. The health of the chicken, does not have a disease helps to improve the uniformity of the chicken, and pay attention to the safety of immunization, scientific and rational medication and implementation of the site.
5 Feeding capacity

Because each chicken is standard, the focus can ensure the balance of the food, each chicken eats the corresponding amount. Therefore, there is different priorities from eggs, premium, and laying out.

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