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518 Farming Information Network News: The options of cattle refers to the most suitable bulls in the cattle, or choose the most suitable bulls for the cows according to the cattle breeding target, or choose the most suitable cow for the bull to produce a gene. Excellent descendants. Different options have different effects.
1. Quality option
Quality option is to consider the matching of the quality comparison of both parties. According to the different quality of the two parties, quality option can be divided into homogeneous options and heterogeneous options.
1, homogeneous options
are excellent public, cows mating in profile, production performance, or other economic tract. Its objective is to obtain a descending of a double-pro-quality to consolidate and strengthen their excellent traits. The role of homogeneous option is mainly stabilizing the superiority of the cattle, increasing the number of homozygous genotypes, but it is also possible to improve the frequency of harmful gene homogeneous binding, and fix the dysfunction of the parents, resulting in adaptability and life The force dropped. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the selection, strictly eliminate poor individuals, improve feeding management to improve the effects of homogeneous options.
2, heterogeneous options
is to choose excellent public and cow mating in profile, production performance, or other economic traits. Its purpose is to use public fifakia mating with different excellent traits, combined with different advantages, and obtain the descendants of high quality quality.
The role of heterogeneous selection is to enhance the genetic variation of the selected excellent traits in the cattle group through the advantages of gene recombinant integrated parents or improves the quality of certain individual progeny. In breeding practice, as long as there is some difference in the cattle, heterogeneous options can be used to improve quality and transfer homogeneous options in time.
Second, the intraocular option
The intraocular option is based on the affinity relationship between the mating. According to the degree of proximity to the two sides, it is divided into close-pro-bits (short-born) and non-proximal mating (referred to as non-near). It is generally believed that the public fifth child with a relative relationship within 5 generations is called near, otherwise it is known as non-.
From the genetic angle analysis, a large group should maintain a relatively equilibrium state in specific conditions, and genotype frequencies should be kept relatively equilibrium in the generation of generations. If the upper and lower generation environment conditions are the same, The average number and standard deviation are the same.
However, if it is not a random mating, it will break this flat in order to choose.Balance. When the relationship between the individuals, the individual relationship between the individual is the degree of closeness of the random mating, it is hybridization when it is lower than the level of random mating.
Third, the options should be paid attention to
1. Each cattle must regularly develop the optional plan of the cattle inquiry target, which should pay special attention to and prevent the near-trade recession.
2, based on the investigation and analysis, the characteristics of each cow itself select excellent and bulls, which means that with the bull must pass the descendant test, and the milk, creamy, appearance Breeding values ​​or selection index is higher than the cow.
3, each optional effect should be summarized in time, and continue to improve the effect of the options. (518 farming technology network)

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