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50 Forum, I think it should be a medicated bath, three milk, cups, but why Yili and a lot of big pastures asking pastures, three milk, medicine baths, and cups. A large increase in pollution chance. Best answer dairy chef (apprentice)

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Prod Pharmaceutical bath → three milk → paper towel wipe → set cup first projection medicine, you can increase the sterilization time and sterilization effect of the medicine bath. In fact, the largest infection in the milking process is the hand of milking. If the milking work cries three milk with breast inflammation, then the breastfeeding in the milking worker will be very high, then To operate other healthy cows, they will cause hidden dangers of breasts. If you do a prior medicine first, you will give the crackman’s hand to disinfect, prevent the breastfeeding of the breast bacteria.

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