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I. Equipment
518 Farming Information Network News: Liquid nitrogen tank (preferably 3 liters), liquid nitrogen, frozen esquiry (fine tube freezing is more convenient), input refining gun (tube), thermometer, tweezers, Wheel, 3 meters long rope. The above instruments should not exceed 15 kg.
Second, operation
1. Judgment according to the royal family of the cow and its own experience, and choose time to bring the instrument to the farmers.
2. The security of the estrus cow
is guaranteed by the legization method of traditional sputum, that is, the rope is guaranteed. First, put the estrus cow to a stable pile, then put a 3-meter long rope is more than half, and the hoof and hanged hoof of the bullion; followed by one side of the rope through the cattle The middle of the two exit limbs pulls the neck while pulling the other end from the outside of the frontpress to the neck; finally in the neck, the two ends of the rope are tightened, and the bull is being suspended. In addition, the tail of the cattle is lifted by the fine rope, and then wash the vulvine portion of the cattle with water.
3. Sperm thaw
First use the container to prepare the amount of warm water in 37-42 ° C, then remove a tube freeze in the liquid nitrogen with tweezers, and remove the left and right, wipe it. The dry strip surface is water, cut it to the seal, and the end of the embolism is loaded downward, and the jacket is tightened.
4. Equity
Inserting the rectum in the rectum inserted into the intestines, and the hand arm is pressed hard, so that the center is opened, and the other hand holds the fine tube frozen essence. After insertion of the gun, the gun is inserted upward, and then insert it to the lower part of the grouse to the quasi-uterine neck, inserted to the uterine and uterine joints, which can remove the refining with the injection semen. In order to ensure the subject, all day is completed once.
5. After surgery cleaning
first giving the cushion; after cleaning (理) instrument, wear the package; then go to the station to disinfect the instrument, save it, to prepare for the next time.
The rope is used, that is, the house can be made, expanded, and does not affect the health of the cow, and is well received by the farmers. (518 farming technology network)

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