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Refers to Blue Ear Disease, I believe that many pig farms are familiar with this, because the disease will ravage all over the country, not only cause abortion, death, estrus abnormalities, immunosuppression, will also lead to serious commodity pigs Diarrhea, respiratory disease, severely affecting pigs only growing speed and health, is currently leading to the top charter of pigs and death, and have intensive trend!

In particular, in recent years, in the case of a wide range of peaks of peaks, blue ear disease still has repeatedly breaking through the fire line of the pig farm, so that the pig farm is confused, what is the cause of blue ear disease so embarrass ?

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Cause 1:

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Many pig farms did not regularly carry out blue-ear antibody levels and antigen monitoring. There is a lack of necessary understanding of the state of auto-ranch blue-ear disease infections, often with personal experience and subjective tricks, there is a huge risk and deficiency in this:

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1: Blue ear disease virus has antibody-dependent enhancement, pigs only infected with blue ear disease, in this stage, in this stage, inoculate blue ear disease vaccines, will cause blue ear disease infection and reproduction, give Zhigan pigs can only inject a pendant, which is only a good agreement.

Second: Use the limitations of attenuated vaccines, since the type of vaccine strain used is similar to the structure of the viral strain, the injection of attenuated vaccine is equivalent to the natural infection of the pig, and the pigs only produce antibodies take longer, pig GroupAntibody blank period is easy to infect. Three: Due to the many blue ear disease vaccine manufacturers, replacing the blue ear disease vaccine to the pig group, the opportunity to change and reorganize the blue ear disease virus, resulting in the evolution of the virus, and the virulence is constantly increasing.

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The emergence of the NADC30 strains of blue ear diseases in 2012. Breaking the binary pattern of the original blue ear disease classic strain and highly pathogenic strains, the new viral strains are more poisonous, and the pigs quickly produce bacteria, and the pigs will be rapidly caused by early high fever in the early days. Obvious respiratory symptoms, seriously reduce the growth rate of fattening pigs. (At present, the poisonous plant is popular nationwide, and the proportion of morbidity is second only to highly pathogenic blue ear disease, and its morbidity has increased year by year.)

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Well-known blue ear disease Authoritative expert Yang Hanchun, Tian Kong team uses the current popular five vaccine strains (JAX-A1-P80, HUN4-F112, GDR180, TJM-F92, VR-2332)

after immunization, then Let the pigs infected with NADC30 Bluene virus. The experimental results show that the blue-ear disease attempt vaccine used in the current pig farm is basically ineffective to the new NADC 30, and the new viral strain is lacking reliable protection.


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Cause 3: The pig farm did not have a timely elimination of pig strip-poisonous pigs (S / P value> 2.5). Especially the reproductive performance is low, performing sexual thin, intractable skin diseases, endometritis, etc.The pig and the respiratory symptoms are severe, and there is no treatment value of pigs to detoxify, strain, let blue ear disease recycle in the pig farm, difficult to eradicate.

At the same time, the pig farm continued to be unsuccessful from external introduction, isolation and domestication, exacerbated the risk of pearl disease infection in pig farms, which is an important reason why the blue ear disease has repeatedly difficult to control. 7.JPG

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Reasons 4:

The high-density breeding model of pigs under modern concentration conditions. In a harsh living environment (temperature and humidity, air quality), and pigs are treated for a long time (mold toxin, endotoxin, antibiotic disintegration), resulting in the general existence of immunosuppression in pigs, which is also induced blue ear disease Important factors; vaccine immunizations to pigs in different immune status, different pigs have uneven levels of antibody levels, and there is also a big difference in the protection of pigs.

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Some shortcomings and vulnerabilities in biosafety. For external vehicles (feed vehicles, boar) and personnel disinfection is not complete, especially when the vehicle body, personnel can’t do the complete cleaning and disinfection without dead angles. At the same time, the management confusion inside the pig farm, the biosafety awareness is weak, and the blue ear disease is spread through many ways such as mice, bird, air, and animal excreta. Any vulnerability will make the pigs infected.

As a disease that endanger the most serious disease of the pig farm, there is a variety of spread pathways, which affects its prevention and control factors, and the vulnerabilities in any production process will cause pigs. Safety risks of field production.
At the same time, the pig farm should remain rational, the vaccine is very meaningful in preventing control of the blue ear, but is not aware of the only way, the reduction of the source of the blue ear disease, the blocking path of the transmission, the biology Safety measures and pig farmsComprehensive factors such as internal production management, starting from the actual situation of the pig farm, checking and leaking, can prevent problems in the case.

Author: Liu Huiwang Source: PSY Application Research Institute

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