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Official data shows that in 2015, the total area of ​​Hubei Province, the total area is only 5.70,000 mu, and the 2016 Xiaobei farming has more than 1.2 million mu, and this year has continued to expand the trend. In 2015, in 2016, the national crayfish farm was 720,000 tons and 850,000 tons. In August 2017, the national crayfish breeding production is 950,000 tons, with an area of ​​more than 9 million mu; It is expected to March this year, the national crayfish breeding area May exceed 10 million mu, 2018 national crayfish breeding production will reach more than 10 million tons. Spicy crayfish has undoubtedly become our summer to go to the street, and the must-have nightlife. The popularity of hemp has also driven a strong demand for crayfish breeding. Due to the high economic benefits of crayfish, the market continues to strengthen, and its farming is increasing. At present, the national crayfish breeding area is mainly concentrated in Hubei Province, Jiangsu Province and Anhui Province. The specifications are large, the products are better, the listing is early, and the latency is the control standard for crayfish breeding benefits. It is also a watershed in breeding technology. At present, crayfish breeding mainly has three kinds of farming models such as rice fields, pond precatology, shrimp crabs, with pond precaining 6,000-8,000 seedlings per acre seedlings, and crayfish production is generally 200-300 kg / mu. The average specifications are calculated by 6 yuan, and the survival rate is less than 60%; some although the survival rate is high, the craftscent specification is low (4 ~ 5 money), the economic value is not high, but also another factor that does not make money . According to experience in the aquaculture first line, the author analyzes that the consequences of crayfish farming have low, and the specifications are as small as the following aspects. 1. More crayfish in the feed in the feed is an eating animal, and the feed is generally about 60%, and animal raw materials account for about 40%. As far as the author inspected in Hubei Qianjiang, Jianli, the local crayfish feed protein is 25 ~ 30%, the price is more than 3,000 ~ 4,000 yuan / ton, so it will inevitably cause too much vegetable protein in the feed, There is too much toxic and hazardous substances such as soybean trypsin inhibitors (soybean meal), sulfide (vegetable cake), and xyloxin (peanut cake), and yellow beam (peanuts). When crayfish eat this kind of feed for a long time, it will cause lesions on its liverpsis, resulting in slow growth and severe immunity, and disease outbreaks. 2, the environmentally deteriorating crayfish is high, the water is more, the amount of water is large, the water fertilizer is inevitable, which is easy to cause inverted algae, the algae, the algae, can also cause hazards (due to cyanobacteria high pH)The illegitimate environment after collating is easily built into the hotbed burst of cyanobacteria. It is usually a high nitrogen environment, and the sharp-increasing hydroxide will cause more ammonium ions to form molecular ammonia, causing molecular ammonia. The concentration has soared, causing ammonia poisoning. At high pH, ​​high ammonia nitrogen, high chloride residual hydraulic hydrazine, which causes liver of crayfish. The hepatopreatal is the important organ of crayfish to absorb nutrients, immunization, and detoxification. Once the lesions are damaged, the light will make the crayfish to absorb nutrients normally, and the growth is affected, which causes the individual to be small, and the crayfish leads to the shells. ,even death. So how do I improve the production, specifications and layers of crayfish breeding? First, do a good job of liver spot care of crayfish. Add bile acids during crayfish feeds, which helps liver pancreatic health, promote the absorption and utilization of nutrients in feed, especially to promote cholesterol absorption, so that crayfish is smooth, grow, and increase weight; enhance the liver The detoxification and detoxification function, the auxiliary liver is excreted in vitro, indirectly increase the immunity of crash and survival. The second is to maintain stable water quality. Try to use iodine preparation when sterilizing, avoiding the use of the residual chlorine preparation; supplementation phosphate fertilizer in time, a small amount of the nitrogen-phosphorus ratio is reached reasonable, stabilized in the water, reducing cyanobic Outbreak; Timed an oxygenator to ensure that oxygen in the water is sufficient. The third is to feed high quality bait. According to the water temperature, the protein content is high, the nutritious high-quality feed is supplemented by the nutrients required for lobster growth, helping to concentrate smoothly, restore physical fitness, and nutrition accumulation. (Source: Longchang Moving Insurance)

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Cranefish breeding technology, protecting the health of crash liver, increases crash production specifications, and improves survival rate

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