Cultivate tips for dogs

u=2863853008,2772690606&fm=26&gp=0.jpg After many owners go to work, they will leave the dogs at home. Getting to get off work every day, it is always a wolf. Put the toilet paper, books, and small bars.

The dog also knows that he is wrong, hiding in the corner, looking at them, the eyes can’t bear to punish. As soon as it is no one in the family, such a farce will repeat; when someone at home, the dog is very well-behaved. Why is this? How to solve it?

Wrap the owner around

It turned out that the dog felt safely around the owner, the owner became its main heart. Once the owner leaves, the dog wants to go, but it is left separately. It doesn’t know that the door has been locked, it is impossible to have people to break, because they become particularly fragile at home. In this case, some dog will bite the door box or dig away from the door. If you want to run out to catch up with the master, it will scream, will panic, will suddenly want to go to the toilet, make the floor make a mess.

Some dogs who have been left alone, because there is no sense of security, the owner will have the owner to collect or use the owner to surround the owner’s smell, form a barrier. Absorbing materials, such as fibrous tissue, can suck odor, and the TV remote control is often hidden by the owner’s dead skin cells, and can also absorb the smell. If these things are too small, if they are not enough to form a barrier, the dog will bite them into fragments, so they can be spread.

Cultivating dog unique capabilities

The companion dog has a strong social demand, and some dogs cannot accept long-term. The owner is not around, they will be horrified. The screaming caused by this, the destruction will make the owner of the dog. In fact, the work is very nervous, no family in a long time is not suitable for dogs. But if you have already selected it, you should not give up easily. Enjoy the fun of dogs through some training and adjustment.

First, you should provide enough opportunities to get enough opportunities to vent the strong physical strength and mental power, otherwise the bored dog will meet the demand for exercise at home. From childhood, dogs need to learn alone. The owner can leave a small party every day, and the puppies will overcome loneliness, gradually extend the leavingTime will help them learn peacefully at home.

Let the puppy stay alone for a few minutes, you can do things next to the room, don’t stand at the door quietly listen to the movement of the puppy, it will feel immediately. If it starts to scream, immediately push the door to stop in a harsh tone, then go out of the room where the puppy is located. This process should be repeated several times until the situation is better.

Another way is to make a puppy, until it calm down, you walked into the room where it is located, gently praised it. Gradually extend the time of the puppy. Let it be alone, give it a favorite snack or all toy to make it smash, so that it keeps busy. Small sound opens the radio, which also helps to eliminate the fear of the puppy. In the first 20 minutes before you leave home, don’t do very exciting games, otherwise you are still in your head, it is likely to be arbitrated or destroyed because of disappointment.

Before training effect, you can limit the scope of the puppy when there is no one, which is safer, and it also avoids losses due to its destruction. If your working time is relatively free, it is best to take the time to accompany it, or find a helper who likes small animals, while helping to do housework, you can meet the purpose of companionship.

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