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1 Selected chicken seedlings, laying the foundation

During the ecological placement chicken breeding process, the seedlings are a very important job. It should generally be mainly based on local earth chickens, mainly considering that itself has strong adaptability, not only strong disease, but also resistant to feed, plus its body type, which is often capable of sensitive response capability. However, the chicken seedlings must be derived from the non-escaperm, with a good breeding environment and a pure seed chicken variety, and the chicken farm must hold relevant documents. On this basis, the chicken chicken will be healthy and the feathers are clean and gloss. It is more crisp. All aspects are better, so that the improvement of the effectiveness of feeding management and the improvement of breeding benefits [1] .
2 Optimize the environment, strengthen management

On the basis of selecting the chicken seedlings, we need to optimize and improve the growth environment of the chicken seedlings in time. In general, airports should be away from houses, changing plants and industrial areas, with cooking to and other poultry farms with a certain distance from cooking to and other poultry. The environment is secluded, it is best to have a power supply, but the water source must be sufficient, with good drainage. At the same time, it is also necessary to use plastic networks and fences, etc., and it is used as an epidemic isolation belt. Moreover, the chicken house should be built as much as possible in the back of the wind, and it is necessary to cover the wind and rain, and there is no water on the ground. It helps it in winter to keep warm and warm, and in the summer can be ventilated. And in the garden, you should also do a good job in the region, generally 1m2 per feather, every 800 ~ 1000 feather is a batch, and it is necessary to replace the site, which can not only reduce the spread of disease, but also to rest for the bug and grass. provide help. In daily feeding management, it is necessary to clean the feces inside and outside the chicken house every day, and to clean the zone contaminated with chicken manure, and strengthen the harmless treatment of it, especially its diet tank and food grooves must be strengthened. Cleaning and disinfection, ensure clean water, pay attention to the prevention and treatment of daily mosquito diseases. Doing a good disinfection facility in the chicken farm, all need to be harmless disinfection for people and vehicles entering the chicken farm. During the feeding process, the sterilization of the strengthening of the huge sterilization is most important, mainly to disappunize the disinfectant liquid every week and twice. When the chicken is listed, it should be completely cleaned with its appliances, chicken houses and activities in time, and use Surier to strengthen the disinfection of it, in order to be betterEfficient growth of chickens provides an excellent environment. At the same time, it should also strengthen the development of daily management in this work, ensuring efficient implementation of various disinfection and cleaning measures, which is strictly forbidden to have a function of negligence, in order to better promote the effectiveness and optimization of its feeding management . Veterinary drug delivery network 1866.TV

True nutrition management, strengthening feeding results

Feed is an important source of nutrition, in order to strengthen the nutritional management of chicken, it must be supplied to the feed. Since the ecological stocking chicken needs to stock after about 1 month in the breeding room. During this period, it is necessary to provide a whole family with feed and equipped with a certain amount of vegetable leaves, and gradually digested and enhanced in this process. When eraming is 1 month, stocking should be stocked under the weather. In the early days of stocking, it is necessary to ensure that summoning training is carried out. During the summoning fuel, it should be combined with the amount of foraging of the chicken, and the feed supply is strictly in accordance with the long-term and many ways. During the feed supply, it should be transferred from a full-price feed to coarse grains, and the supply of coarse grains should be increased accordingly, but it must ensure that full price cooperation is more than 20%, thereby ensuring its nutrient supplement In place. 20D before the listing, it should be supplied to the full price of feed, which gives appropriate fattening, thus promoting the improvement of its senses. But in order to promote its effectiveness, we must pay much attention to the development of its daily management. In terms of fertilizer, it is mainly to ensure that temperature and humidity and ventilation and feeding density are effectively controlled, especially the control of temperature and humidity. In terms of room temperature, at 1 to 3 days of the jubble, its temperature is 35 ° C, and then a reduction of 1 ° C per 3D, but the minimum cannot be less than 21 ° C, which requires constant temperature when this temperature is required, so before stocking It is better to docking outdoor temperature a week ago.

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