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For the current farmers, it is easy for breeding, but it is headache for the various problems encountered in the later period. So, how do we do a good job in the maintenance work of later fermentation, try to avoid these problems? Comprehensive consideration, you can do it from the following aspects:
First, control the breeding density of the pig. The pigment density of pigs should not be too high. The unit area is too much, the fermentation effect of the fermentation bed will be lowered, and the general dried fermentation bed is preferably 1.2 to 1.5 meters per pig, the pig is appropriately increased. Density.
Second, control of fermentation mattress moisture. The fermentation bed is not wet to avoid the bullion, resulting in anaerobic fermentation, and the dried fermentation bed is afraid of wet, prohibiting the foreign water into the fermentation bed, often check whether the water dispenser leaks, if summer pad Too dry, you can spray a little water on the surface.
Third, regularly deduct insects. In the case of the circulation, the living pig should completely remove the in vivo parasites in advance, avoiding it into the fermentation bed, swallowing the pig in the belly infection during the food.
Fourth, pay attention to the red fermentation bed. The fermentation bed fermentation requires an oxygen, discharges the exhaust gas, so the pad should remain loose breathable. The fermentation bed is running for a period of time, and the gaslet is repeated regularly, and the gas is removed, and the gas is retracted. Does it need to turn over to see the gas permeability of the pad, and there is no obvious cake for looseness. Generally we determine the time of the falling time according to the amount and how much of animal manure. Under normal circumstances, it is 5-7 days. Other, to turn overwhelmed according to the actual situation.
Fifth, the consumption and supplement of the gasket. Fermentation bed runs for a period of time, due to the start of the load, the amount of animal’s food, stepping, etc., the material consumes part, usually 3 to 4 months, a meat pig feeding cycle will decrease by about 10 cm. This needs to be supplemented with some of the pads and appropriate strains. Under normal circumstances, the golden baby dried fermented bed, adding a strain and a pad for one year. Always adhere to a principle that the pig’s fermentation bed is not significantly below 50 cm.
Sixth, master the feeding amount of pigs. In order to make the pig’s convenient arch, the feed should be controlled in the normal amount of 80% (fermentation bed reminder), that is, feeding 80% full. The pig is usually dirty, peeing, management personnel can be taken Digging pitting when you are pile.
In addition, usually pay attention to keeping a ventilation in the circle, and often open the window ventilation, if necessaryIt is also necessary to force ventilation.

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