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the delivery room is the core area of ​​large-scale farm production and efficient The operational process of management and refinement is the key to successful breeding piglets. In a period of about 6 weeks of production cycle, it is necessary to experience an empty disinfection, the sow is in advance, childbirth and delivery, breastfeeding and immunization, weaning preparations.

The class staff can only help the sows provide more qualified wear pigs to provide more profiled piglets in their focus and key links.
Piglets can be divided into 6 phases of production in the production model of piglets 26-28, and the preparation of the first phase of the class is

Second stage sow Transfer and delivery preparation,

The third stage of production and postpartum processing,

The fourth stage piglets and feed,

Fifth stage weaning preparation Immunization,

The sixth stage is broken.
Today, the top three phases are introduced:
First, the preparation of the house
Work focus

Maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of room facilities, and drying.

Operating flow

Clean all remaining, feces, and clean flutter sewage.

Check that the facilities in the house are damaged and repaired in time, power off, and will be wrapped in plastic bags, sockets, etc.

Wash the ditch, the bed, the insulation plate / rubber pad and the ceiling wall with water (high pressure water gun), and the rumor will rub the oil and stains on the baffle with a steel ball.

Spray cleaner soaking, waiting for 40 minutes, flushing the equipment with a high pressure water gun.

Thoroughly rinse, was disinfected with compound glutaraldehyde 1: 200. After 12 hours, the water was rinsed and washed with 1: 200 sulfate.

Opened the doors and windows thoroughly drying the room, air house for 5 to 7 days (depending on the actual situation).
Special attention to

Before the flushing, it is necessary to ensure the circuit, the equipment has been wrapped in plastic bags, and the rushers should wear boots and raincoats.Work, prevent short circuit and electric shock accidents;

Do not leave dead angles, especially the wall, cooking tank, dunggus, etc., etc.;

After the flush is completed To maintain a good ventilation, make the unit dry as soon as possible.

Carefully check all the water dispensers in the house to ensure that the next batch of sows and piglets are drinking normally.

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Second, the preparation of sows

Work focus

Turning the pregnancy of 107 days in time to transfer from pregnancy house to the production room, regulate the property The temperature makes the sow comfortably, preparing for various tools.

Operational Process
Cleaning and Disinfecting Mother Pig

Before the sow is transferred to the house, 3 to 5 sows will be rushed to specially set the water gun and brush. Its body table is cleaned. In the season of falling in autumn and winter, we should use 40 degrees of warm water to scroll the brush. After washing, the sow sow were disinfected with a smaller sulfate composite powder solution with less irritating.

Dare-to-use bed

Make sure the channel is smooth when the bed is on, preventing the surface of the sow with hoof injury and mechanical abortion due to ground; 5 parents when driving the mother pig Pig group, the action is gentle, not rough, and timely check the sow card, and ensure that the pig card is consistent.

Cast environment regulation

The temperature of the sow should be equivalent to the pregnancy house, then gradually adjust to 20 ~ 22 ° C, and control the humidity at 60% to 75%, Stress caused by reducing the environment to the sow.

Preparation of the application utensils:

Insulation lamp, dedicated dry disinfectant powder, clean and disinfective towel, polyveridone iodine, deduction tub (0.5% concentration of hydrogen) Potassium complex powder solution), pickup record table, clock, pen.

Feeding management

In the first 5 days, the reduction is started, 0.5 kg is lost daily, fed 1 kg or not fed on the day of childbirth (rootAccording to the sour situation of the mother pig).
Special attention

Carefully clean and disinfect before entering the room;

If it is possible to separate the initial production sows separately from the original mother pig, Manage care;

arrange the position of the house sow in order of the pre-delivery period.
Third, the lapse and postpartum processing

Work focus
To accurately grasp the sow’s childbirth, it is timely delivery;

provides comfortable environment for new studios, assist Piglets are timely extinct milk;

adjust the feed of sows in time to ensure the amount of breastfeeding of the breastfeeding.
Operational process

Delivery signs

When the sow suddenly dysfun, nervous, when the time is lying, with the head hits the bar door or the bowl, breathing is short, and soft. Dung, urine, and frequently indicate that it will be rated.

When the sow front of the sow can be squeezed out of the milky white milk, it will be given in 24 hours, and when the last pair of teats can extrud out the milk, give birth about 6 hours.

The production

was taken with 0.5% of the potassium hydrogen sulfate recipient solution to clean the sow breast and the pussy, and the piglet was born, and the special towel was immediately cleared. And the body mucus, sprinkle the dedicated dry disinfectant in the body surface.

Put the piglet into the incubator under the insulation lamp, grasp the time to record the piggybirth time and the public press, whether the pig can stand, 3 ~ 5cm from the abdomen (with piglets To be suitable) Dossy separation of umbilical cords (after the hand disinfection, use a plut and dull shape), prevent hemorrhage, can be applied to the dedicated dry disinfectant powder.

Timely careful care of piglets in time to eat colostrum, physical fit piglets need to be manual auxiliary milk, pay attention to crowd the first milk, such as the number of production, two groups after birth Do a good job of tagging.

It is common to production in production, mostly caused by sow pelvic development, stenosis, uterine relaxation, excessive fetal abnormal fetal abnormalities.

The sow is 1 ~ 2 hours after the sow, there is still no piglet output or the accommodation of more than 30 minutes, and measures should be taken in time. Shot of the sow with difficult birth history, 1 day, 1 day, D-chlorineAlcohol; in the case of opening of the uterine neck, the stamped weakness can be intramuscular, and the entire childbirth process is most injected twice. When the injection of oxytocin is ineffective or caused by the cause of the fetus, the fetal level abnormalities or the cause of the fetal level or pelvic stenosis. Timely manual use.

Putting the armor, lubricate the arm and disinfection, then the five fingers are slow into the vagina, grab the pig’s pig or the lower jaw, and pull out the pig’s pig And the action is light.

After pulling out the pig, help piglets in the pigs, and to the mother pig musterity, prevent uterine uterus, vaginitis.

Durable sows should be indicated on the sow file card to indicate the cause of the difficulty in the next child, or the basis for elimination of identification.
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The treatment and health care of new piglets Ideally, the second day of piglets should be weighed, breaking the feet, knee pads, shear teeth, immune health care Wait.

The end of the ear should be hit by the central part of the ear, avoiding the blood vessel;

Pseudohadia vaccine 1 head / head, left and right nostrils each spray 0.5 ml;

then lift The high-teamed pig head is cut to prevent the vaccine in the nostrils, and the middle upper portion of the 8 teeth can be cut when shearing the teeth, avoiding the injury and the tongue leads to bleeding and infection.

Piglets 3 to 4 days to do the end, iron and health care,

When the tail is tail, hold the piglet with the left hand, put the piglet, the right hand thumbs and forefinger The pigtails, the electric hot and break taper in advance is slowly cut off the tail, the pig is 2/3, and the fat pig remains 1/3,

broken end is disinfected with iodine, health care can be used by Jike 5% hydrochloride cefuroyofuric suspension) 1 ml of head, neck muscle injection;

kettle iron with dextran, 100 ~ 150 mg / head, neck muscle injection.

For sows with breast inflammation or latex quality, the whole nest piglet can be sent to the weaning of the sow, andObserve to ensure that the sow accepts new piglets,

For biosafety considerations, the mother pigs are strictly prohibited.

Adjustment of sow feeding procedures

The sow feeding 1 kg during childbirth, the second day after birth, feeding 1.5 kg,

2 kg on the third day, At the fourth day, 3 kg, until the maximum feeding is 7 ~ 7.5 kg, after

, the remaining material is removed from the food trough, and the sow of the appetite is timely measure body temperature, exceeding 39.5 ° C intramuscular injection (5% fluornine gluchanamine),

body temperature normal intramuscular injection vitamin B1 and vitamin C.

Pay attention to the sow to provide sufficient drinking water.
Special attention

minimize the number of rumble rings, to reduce humidity;

Nightly deduct the patient’s patience, should choose the responsibility of the responsibility of the responsibility;

Pay attention to the height of the water dispenser (the height of the water dispenser and the sow shoulder) and the water flow rate (2 to 2.5 liters / minute) to ensure the amount of sow.

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