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Duck Goose Soft Shell Egg Causes:
1, the amount of calcium contains inadequate in diet, or calcium phosphorus disorders, or lack of vitamin D3.
2, long-term production, the required calcium is difficult to supplement from the feed.
3, the ambient temperature is too high, the duck loss is reduced, and the feed is relatively small, and the calcium is not required.
4, Duck goose was frightened, disturbing the function of neurological function and endocrust glands, making the calcium formation of the egg, or the egg excessive is too fast to have a soft shell egg or a thin shell.
5, ducks, stress factors caused by duck, duck house ammonia, ventilation, ducks are uncomfortable to produce soft shell eggs.
6, when contagious bronchitis or duck, the function of absorbing calcium is lowered, and the egg shell is not normal, and the egg shape is abnormal.
7. Improper medication, the dose of generally use drugs should be determined according to the body weight of the duck, and it is also easy to produce thin shells or soft shell eggs.
8, the weather is suddenly changed, and the stress such as duck sees can also produce thin shell eggs or soft shell eggs.
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