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1. Dicks. Many ducks flow in duck dealers, such as do not pay attention to disinfection, easy to cross infection; on the other hand, duck dealers are sold in the street, and they have more contact personnel, and the duck seedlings are also infected. Such duck seedling will take back to the nostalgia to affect growth and development.
2. Dehydrated duck. The duckling of the duck manager is still a long distance, it is likely that the nursing is no circumstances, not paying attention to hydrating, so that the duck seedling is short of time. Such a duck seedling, it is often caused to grow back to raise.
3. Subcommittees. Many people in rural areas buy duck seedlings in duck dealers. If duck dealers are ducklings that are in advance or post-shells, the duck seedlings incubated in advance, general survival rate is low, and it is very difficult to raise Big.
4. The variety is not pure. At present, excellent meat duck varieties have Beijing duck, cherry valley, Di Mi, etc. They are all white feathers, which are cultivated by several varieties or products
, and their commodities have grown fast (general feeding 49 to 56 days) can reach about 2.5 to 3 kg). However, if the goods continue to stay, there is no strict selection of options. The descendants (future generations of commodity generation) will have degraded or have uneven, and the development is slow, which is not pure. Therefore, in principle, the current excellent meat duck varieties, the goods are not allowed to stay.
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