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518 Relief Information Network News Should Be pay attention to observe the boyman to give birth to the birth of the child. Pay attention to the delivery, as far as possible to give birth to natural delivery, the fetal cattle, the fetus is large, and it can be administered properly after the output period will be appropriately administered. It is necessary to use it under the guidance of a veterinary situation. Pay attention to postpartum monitoring after childbirth.
1 to observe that there is no damage, bleeding, bleeding, bleeding, bleeding, and discovery of injury bleeding.
2 pay attention to the sake of cow count within 6 hours after childcare, if the cow is strong, check if there is still a fetus, and pay attention to whether there is a sorcerer neutral.
3 should observe the discharge of the gown of the gown within 12 hours after childbirth.
4 Number of cows discharged is observed within 24 hours after childbirth.
5 days after childbirth, it should be observed that the cow has a symptoms of palsy, and it is found that the symptoms of paralysis should be treated in time.
6 days after childbirth, pay attention to observe the degree of discharge discharge of the cow, and found that the lochia is not clean or corrupted to be treated in time. (518 farming technology network)

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