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Dairy production of breast inflammation and impact on farming benefits
1 Dairy cow production of breast inflammation
1. The incidence of milk breast inflammation is the most common, most common disease for dairy breeding production, It is one of the most important causes of dairy industry. Divided into a recessive breast inflammation (subclinical) and developing breast inflammation (clinical type), in general, the standard of changing breast inflammation is shown in Table 1: Type system of systemic symptoms of breast milk change somatic cells are severe, Even death necrosis, black or normal water sample, blood of 100 billion / ml of mild skin system red, swollen, hot, pain or small change clot, water sample> 100/85 million / ml subclinical type No meaningless eye visible changes> 200,000 / ml Since the recessive breastitis (subclinical type) is usually no clinical symptoms, the incidence is exceeded by dominant breastitis (clinical type). Under normal circumstances, the morbidity of scale-based breastfield is 1-1.6%, and the incidence of recessive breast inflammation is about 20%. 1.2 Production of dairy breast inflammation regular production of breast inflammation generally has the following rules: (1) Seasonal: Spring and summer breast inflammation is much higher than other seasons, the reason is the number of microbiology in spring, easy to cause breast inflammation of microbial infection High temperature in summer, easy to stress, environmental conditions trigger breast inflammation. (2) Self-factor: The larger the age, the higher the timing, the higher the incidence of breastitis. (3) Diofper stage: the incidence of breastitis is related to the high degree of lactation phase. The increase in the peak of the lactation period is high, and the reason is that the burden of the mammary gland will cause milk in milk. In the middle of the lactation, the incidence of breastitis decreased. However, there are also data show that the incidence of breast inflammation in the late lactation is the highest lactation cycle, the longer the amount of lactation is, the longer the milking time, the higher the incidence of breastitis. 1.3 Production of dairy breast inflammation reasons 1.3.1 Direct induced reasons (pathogen microorganisms) cows healthy breasts, have a large number of microbes. Among them, the normal flora, not only causes breast inflammation, but also protects the breast to prevent pathogenic bacteria infection. However, some microorganisms can cause breast infections, which are called pathogenic microorganisms. The disease caused by the pathogenitis caused by pathogenic microbial infection is mainly divided into two types: contact pathogen microorganisms, environmental pathogens. Contact pathogen microorganisms are mainly present in breasts and milk, because of milking, the milking machine, etc., the milking machine, etc., mainlyIncludes Streptococcus and Golden Staphylococcus. The environmental pathogens exist outside the cow, air, soil, feces, etc., mainly E. coli. (1) Streptococcus infection pathway Classic bacteria to reach the breast or wound infection to reach the breast, settle in the surface of the milk and milk tube, a large amount of breeding, causing the milk tube and adenocyte epithelial cell damage, and a large number of neutral granulocytes enter the milk catheter, resulting in milk The catheter system is blocked by cells and cell debris, affecting the secretion of milk. (2) Golden Staphylococcus aureus infection route Golden Staphylococcus aureus can be infected with respiratory, digestive trauma, mating, insect bites, milking operation, etc. Infected, in the host’s breast, nasopharyngeal mucosa, skin, genital port All kinds of tissue organs grow reproduction, can survive in breast phagocytic cells, causing the breast defense system to prevent defense, is the most important pathogens of dairy exposed breasts. (3) Escherichia coli infection paths, weak, calcium deficiency bed, breast edema, breast surface friction, skin scratch, long-pressed negative pressure, excessive milking, milk is not squeezed and slight, nipple end injury Equal factors, causing the breast barrier to reduce, engeting E. coli enters or avoids the tip tube barrier, a large number of breeding, causing infection. 1.3.2 Raising reasons (1) Feeding management is mainly milking process in breastitis. The causes of breast inflammation during milking process mainly: (1) Milking Cup vacuum irregular change, can bring bacteria on the milk cup into the nipple; (2) milking cup vacuum spent high to make the nipple skin and The nipples are damaged, and the nipples are increased, and the nipple is susceptible to bacterial infection; (3) Milking is not complete; (4) milking tools are not regularly disinfected or disinfected; (5) Soaked the nipple after milking Make the milk hole until closes, etc. (in general, half an hour after milking is closed). (2) The season, environmental hygiene, and external stress can also lead to the occurrence of dairy breastitis. (3) Nutritional factors feed single, feeding irregular, nutrient ingredients or excess, will cause metabolism abnormalities, reduce the occurrence of bumper induced by body resistance. 1.4 Production of the main pathogenesis of milk cow breast inflammation and treatment for the symptoms of breast inflammation (dominant breast inflammation) mainly of the suppurative, edema, hard block swollen, blood, water samples. Symptoms. The main treatments are: broad-spectrum antibiotic + targeted agents (antibiotic + synthetic Chinese herbal medicine), which is mainly selected based on pathogenic microbial species that cause breast inflammation. Inflammatory treatment at the same time,And check whether there is a fever symptom, blood milk assisted hemostatic drugs, edema need to be judged whether diuretic treatment is required. The entire treatment cycle is generally 3 days, and the treatment is 3 days after treatment (preventing milk sample antibiotics from being exceeding the standard), then transfer to the bumblestone house. It should be noted that dominant breastitis can be treated, invisible breast inflammation cannot be completely treated. 2 Breastitis on dairy breeding benefits The impact of breast inflammation on cow’s breeding benefits mainly includes: (1) milk production caused by milk; (2) Invisible breast inflammation prevention fee; (3) Demand breast inflammation (4) During the prevalence of breast inflammation, the abandonment of milk is caused; (5) Waste of feed during treatment; (6) After the cure, the amount of milk cannot be restored to the loss of milk production; (7) nipple leads to life loss Larctation; (8) The cow caused by severe breast inflammation is prematurely eliminated. Taking a 1000-old breastfeeding farm as an example, the incidence of developing of developer is 1.5%, and the incidence of recessive breast inflammation is 20%, and the daily milk production is 25kg / head, and the milk is 4 yuan / kg. Repair breast inflammation results in a reduction in milk production, a monthly herbal medicine prevention is 50 yuan / head, TMR diet is 55 yuan / day / head, a developable breast inflammatory treatment cycle 3 days, treatment Cost 40 yuan / head, 3 days after treatment, after treatment, the amount of milk is less than 5kg / head before the treatment, the effect of breastitis on the breast breeding benefits is shown in Table 2: Table 2 Breastitis to cows The effect of producing breast influenza influencing factors (yuan / month) recessive breast inflammation caused by recessive breast inflammation by 1000 × 20% × 5% × 25 × 4 × 30 = 30000 recessive breast inflammation Fee 1000 × 50 = 50000 Demographic breast inflammatory breast inflammation 1000 × 1.5% × 40 = 600 dominant breast inflammation period caused milk to waste 1000 × 1.5% × 6 × 25 × 4 = 9000 dominant During the treatment of breast inflammation 1000 × 1.5% × 55 × 6 = 4950 After the cure, the amount of milk can not be restored by the milk loss 1000 × 1.5% × 5 × 4 × 30 = 9000 breast inflammation leads to a total of 103,550 yuan
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