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(1) The ruminous characteristics of the beef cattle is known as “reversion”, “downgrass” or “chew”

means the bull eats into the raft, soaking in the stomach, softening, softening, 0.5 to 1 hour after stopping the feeding, reversible from the stomach to the oral cavity, and chew it again, mixed into the saliva, and then swallow the process. Room is one of the important digestions of ruminants such as beef cattle. Through ruminion, the feed is chewed and mixed into saliva (the saliva secretion of the beef cattle is 100 ~ 200 liters, and the saliva contains a large amount of salt and endogenous urea, etc.), increase the rumen The microbial decomposition surface makes the rumen pH are between 6 to 7, which is a good condition for the creation of rumen fermentation, protein metabolism.

Yak is early, which can promote rumen development, and the anti-ion is also early, which is conducive to grown development. Cash is about 3 weeks old.
Numberry a day and night for ruminant time is 7 ~ 8 hours, generally 70% in winter, 54% of the ruminant time during the summer. 10 ~ 15 times a day and night, every time there is time, the yellow cattle is 24 ~ 35 minutes, the yak is 40 ~ 60 minutes. Ordinary cow 1 grass group has an average chew in the oral cavity, and the yak is 30 ~ 60 times. The rough straw, the winter fizzed, the number of chew is also increased. According to reports, feeding the meat bullish feeding, the diet of silage, hay and fine feed, the beef Naka chewed 42,000 times.
(2) The farmland that should be paid attention to in the farm has a herd of “cattle to eat a grass, and can eat.”

According to reports, when fed on the trough of the beef cattle, the forage is less feeding, and the dry grass can be taken 8 kilograms; if you finish the forage, you can add 5 kilograms. Because the beef cattle stops food for half an hour or more, the ruminant nervous is excited and began to ruminate, at which time the nerve of the food, the central nervous is inhibited.

When the bull is rustic, it is necessary to stand or be able to stop the ruminant, and will immediately stop the ruminance, turn to leisure or seating, and continue to continue the ruminant immediately. The old disease, insufficient drinking water or poor feed quality, will also affect the rution. Therefore, the breeding of beef cattle should be strictly carried out in strict accordance with the feeding management operation procedures. Feed must meet the nutritional needs of the beef cattle, maintain relative stability, should not suddenly change; keep the environment quiet, let the beef cattle have sufficient rest time to protectIt is normal to avoid the digestive function of affecting or disrupt the beef cattle.
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