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1. The temperature is more cold, do a good job in the heat preservation of the hill nest, give adequate feed and clean drinking water;
2. The mink fox gradually transferred to the estrus stage, adding fresh fish, eggs, and liver in the diet. And the right amount of brain feed can promote an animal estrus early and concentrated, especially for the improvement of the production of gembornes and spermatology;
3. The vaccination is in the first week before the vaccination predetermined date. Diffeseous work, (one week before vaccine, caution in two weeks in the vaccination: such as fluorbenidali, sulfonamine, antiviral drug), to avoid affecting vaccine immunity;
4. The mink selection work is still underway, and the abnormal ottum of neurological symptoms, unegoid, paralysis, can eat can be pulled, and the fecal gray (yellow) color should continue to eliminate; using a diet method to eliminate the selection of sag, should be in the vaccine Normal food is restored within a week before the immunity, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

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