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In December 2006, the CMP-DAIRY software modulates the formula example. The adjusted formula 1 and 2 increase the milk volume 5 kg / day. Head, the cost of diet is reduced by 7.8 and 11.6% respectively, ¸ 头 牛 日The cost of food is reduced by 1.4 and 1.7 yuan, respectively. Important reason is that lysmastolysis protein (RDP) and non-fibrous carbohydrates (NFC) content are too much, resulting in excessive rumen and decomposition, and reduces the reducing and use of the small intestine absorption and utilizing the amount of amino acids. It provides milk daily. The number of metabolic proteins is reduced, and ultimately affects the amount of milk from cows.

Adjusting before and after the actual formulation actual formulation adjusted 1 Adjust 1 adjustment 1 Adjust 2 Adjust 2 corn silage 47.1149.1659.1758.94 Hay 12.1112.6415.2215.16 Corn 21.7212.3613.647.90 Wheat bran 3.662.30 soybean meal 11.4711.977.205.1 Cotton 0.58 corn DDG10.848.06 Salt 0.670.610.420.45 Baba 0.800.750.500.50 Premix 1.791.681.121.28 Calcium hydrogen phosphate 0.670.42 total 100100100100 Price Yuan / kg 1.0481.0150.8400.819
Important Formulation of the actual formulation of the cow before and after
MP G / D
Milk / d
Adjust 1
65.1544.1536.91132725 Adjust 1
58.6139.7437.21150530 Adjust 2
67.8743.0136.1595515 After adjustment 2
61.4739.9936.56105620 Note: RDP rumen degradation protein; NFC non-fiber carbohydrate; MN Microbial nitrogen synthesis; FCHO fermented carbohydrate; MP date provides metabolic protein

related software operation demonstrations are shown below. It is just a more comprehensive and extensive nutritional indicators of the CMP-Dairy software.Can’t upload. Forgive me.

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Related Software Operation Demonstrations 2

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