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Canine cie is a skin parasitic disease caused by a creep, a creep, a dog. It is parasitic in the dog’s sebaceous gland and hair follicles. This disease is also known as hair follicle disease or lipophile disease. It is a common and stubborn skin disease.
[Pathogen] Creep is a small parasitic mites. The female insect is 0.25-0.30 mm, and the width is 0.045 mm. The male semapy is 0.22-0.25 mm, and the width is about 0.045 mm. The insect shape can be divided into head, chest, abdomen three parts, mouthpiece consisting of a pair of stabble chelating chelashes and a mouthpiece; there is 4 pairs of chests, a short foot, abdominal elongation, surface Delicular cross. The germ hole opening of the male semapy is on the back. The reproductive holes of female in female are in the abdomen. The eggs are shuttle, about 0.07-0.09 mm long.
[History of life] The whole development process of dog creep is carried out on the dog. The female spawning in the parasitic site. The history of development includes four stages of eggs, larvae, nymids, adults. Eggs hatched 3 pairs of larvae in the parasitic site, then becomes 4 pairs of niutus, and finally degenerates into adult. Digles can be parasitized in hair follicles, sebaceous glands, can also live in lymph nodes, and grow reproduction there, transform into internal parasites.
The disease has been infected due to patients and healthy dogs in contact with each other. It is also possible to indirectly infection through vehicle. The resistance of perforated mites is very strong, and can survive in the outside, and infect people, children and women are prone than men. [Symptoms] The perforated mites can be divided into two types. Scales: Mainly in the eyelids and their surroundings, the amount, the lips, the lower part, the elbow, the toe, etc. There can be rough and cracks, some can be seen in a small nodule. The skin can become grayish, and the affected portion is not itchy. Some can keep prototypes for a long time.
Pusta: After infection with perfangle, first, there is a red small hempuzia in the inside of the contrary. A few days later became a small abscess, and the heavy strokes were visible to a small protrusion between the large-scale red and white in the inside of the belly strand and a unique odor. The disease can be uneasy and there is a feeling. When a large amount of perforant is parasitic, the whole body skin infection can be caused, and the ulcer is formed after the pustule is broken, and the bacterial infection can be caused, and the whole body symptom can lead to death.
(1) The patient’s special effect therapy isIvatin, 0.5-1 mg / kg body weight, severe canine dose can increase to 1.5 mg / kg body weight, repeatedly injected once every 7 days, and the weight can be repeated 3-4 times.
(2) Two% iodine was rubbed with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for a severe pustule.
(3) a case of systemic infection can bind to antibiotic therapy.
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