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Circulating water farming is a hot topic in the industry in recent years. Many customers who intend to engage in aquaculture come to our factory. In the same way as their communication, many friends feel in a difficult “selection period” “It is optimistic about circulating water farming, but in the testive use of small systems account for most, they have cross-bank investments, and some are from traditional farming to factory cultivation, they are all difficult in their business, thus Start paying attention to circulating water farming mode.
Is the circulating water breeding technology mature?
Current analysis, industrialized circulating water farming technology and equipment are increasingly mature. my country has begun to learn from the 1980s, imitating foreign circulating water farming, and then gradually forming a domestic circulating water system with alone characteristics through exploration and experiment. However, since the facilities were relatively backward, people were not much attention, resulting in slow development of circulating water. Today, as foreign circulating water farming companies enter the country, my country’s circulating water farming has been rapidly developed, and even in coastal areas are basically realized, and the limitations of the region are broken. At present, circulating water farming has developed rapidly in the northern region, and the number of industrialized circulating water farming enterprises in Shandong, Tianjin, Liaoning and other provinces and cities is in the country. In the development of circulating water, the government also established special supporting funds, encouraging traditional breeding companies to turn to circulating water farming models, encouraging investors to enter environmentally friendly circulating water farming industries.
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What is the prospect of circulating water farming development? Is it possible to make a profit?

It can be expected that industrialized circulating water farming will continue to maintain higher speed growth in the future, we can optimize expectations in the future 3-5 years, the development of industrialized circulating water farming will present the following characteristics First, the stability and reliability of the water treatment system are strengthened, and the facility equipment achieves industrial production, and partially reaches foreign leading and advanced levels; in management, industrialized circulating water breeding system precision management technical standards, production system is basically established; The production scope of the industrialized circulating water farming system will continue to expand, and the circulating water seedling system will also be more popular in production.Spread promotion and application; Finally, the promotion and application of industrialized circulating aquaculture system will no longer rely on government and scientific and technicians, and become a spontaneous demand for breeding companies. Now the people’s consumption levels are generally improved, and we should choose a variety of varieties in local economic benefits, we should further optimize the system, and ensure system profitability in terms of breeding. As long as you manage, you can fully plan, let people do it, the things are used, and the water is full, I believe it will be profitable. Of course, this is related to personal abilities.

Do you have to engage in circulating water breeding mode? my country’s two years of protecting the environment, the enterprises that have contaminated the environment will be rectified, and this year’s government will also force the cage breeding. Under the status quo of water resources pollution, the circulating water culture can reduce the use of raw water and the emissions of sewage, and fish disease has greatly reduced significantly, and the cultured density is improved, and environmental pollution and a ticket for environmental pollution are also avoided. It will also get the government’s support, why not.

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