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First, the function of the shrimp liver: the liver of shrimp is also known as the liver pancreas or middle agrem gland, which is a large dense gland, is the most important functional organ of shrimp. Located in the center of the head, the heart, the package is wrapped in the front end of the midstage and the faint stomach. From the mid-intestinal differentiation, it consists of multi-stage branched cystic liver tubes, and the final branch is called the liver tube. The opening is connected to the middle intestine. The main function of the hepatopreal is to secrete digestive enzymes and absorb, and store nutrients. It is one of the most important organs in the shrimp. The liver is mainly: 1 secreted digestive enzymes, absorb, store nutrients; 2 detoxification function; 3 defense function; 4 metabolic function, metabolism, various vitamins, fat, protein, hormones. TIMG.JPG

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If the liver is damaged, the shrimp body organ will collapse. The liver is a functional organ of the largest shrimp in addition to the crustal. Second, the factors affecting the liver of shrimp are: 1. Pond environment: water quality, poisonous substances (such as ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, nitrite, heavy metals, etc.) directly damage the liver of shrimp, reduce the defense of the liver It causes various diseases. 2. The nutrients required for the liver are insufficient: such as fat, protein, sugar, vitamin, etc., such as fat, protein, sugar, vitamins, can affect the normal growth and function of the liver, the normal metabolism of the cells is blocked, and the liver is prone to disease. 3. Bacteroids and viruses: Viscus, viruses to poison to the liver and even the entire body are devastating, such as leukoplasia, yellow head disease, peach pulsation, fluorescent arc disease. 4. “Transmission” and other production operations, bringing strong stress to shrimp, this period is very high, the incidence should be high, the pool should be divided into the liver period, the greater the specifications, the incidence is also The higher it.

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2018-10-15 16:40 Upload 5. Abuse of antibiotics, disinfectants and insecticides, will directly damage the liver. Third, strengthen the maintenance of the liver period: transition from the liver period (about 20 days of seedlings), due to the food transition, the shell is frequentOrgans such as the liver are not fully developed, so they belong to the peak of onset. If in this period, encounter environmental mutations, malnutrition, abuse of antibiotics, disinfectants, insecticides, damage liver or lead to liver necrosis, and the impact growth, heavy Rows of rows. Therefore, the curing of the shrimp seedling period is essential. Stable water quality, maintenance environment: Create an excellent environment of the liver period, enhance immunity, eliminate the environmental stress response of seedlings, and lay the environmental basis for healthy turnover. Detoxifying liver, nutritional immunity: The liver function of the seedling period is not perfect. If you need to turn your liver, you must do an internal health care. Each ton is a bile acid 1000 grams +500 Cuocaine leaf extract +1000 grams of VC promotes the liver. Detoxification. Bile acid, from the main component of bile secretion of animal liver, enhance liver function, promote liver detoxification detoxification, protect against shrimp and pancreas.

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2018-10-15 16:40 upload There are countless cases in the country prove that operations can protect the shrimp seedlings to the liver in the above-mentioned method, which can effectively prevent and control the liver pathology and early stalks of the liver period and the disease. The article is from the official website of Shandong Longxuan.

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