Diagnosis and prevention and control measures of pig ring virus

Porcine ring virus disease, also known as the pigs after the milk milk, the multi-system syndrome (PMWS) is a new infectious disease in the pigs. The characteristics of the disease are sexually thin, pale or jaundice, and breathing. The pathogen of this disease is a pig type 2 ring virus (PCV-2).
This disease has no characteristic symptoms, and is easy to confuse the disease and respiratory syndrome, pig pseudo rabies, and should have a multi-headed case. A laboratory test is required.
(1) Virus isolation and identification were collected from the epidemic circular cyclic virus disease, and the sample was collected, and the suspension was inoculated with PK-15. However, the growth of PCV-2 in cell culture does not have cytological changes, and usually requires a viral-specific antibody to confirm the virus replication. Specific antigens or specific DNAs of viruses can be detected.
(2) Serological methods can be detected by indirect fluorescent antibody techniques or competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent test (ELISA) methods.
(3) Electronic microscopy
Prevention measures
Comprehensive prevention of rings should be mainly launched from the following five aspects.
1. Reduce the weaning pig should be reactive to avoid piggy pigs, replacement of feed after weaning; avoid harbor harbor in the abundance; avoid premature or multiple injection of vaccines; avoid high-density feeding.
2. Strengthening the biological safety of pig farms, reducing the number of purchases of rearing sows, and strengthening the environmental disinfection of pig houses, and implements a full-time whole system.
3. Implementing strict epidemic prevention system should be cleaned with septic tanks and dung ditch, thoroughly rinse and disinfection; cleaning the sow, and performs deworm treatment; piglets are within 24 hours, and minimize fostering and Wo; the sow uses a reasonable immunization procedure.
4. Comprehensive prevention of diseases, due to the individual infection of pig type II ring viruses generally not cause more harm, and can lead to serious economic losses under synergies of other pathogens, so in large-scale pig farms Doing a good rabies, fine virus disease, blue ear disease, pleural pneumonia, and vice pigophilus disease, etc., is one of the important strategies of indirect control of the circular virus.
5. The vaccination currently has no commercial vaccine in the world for immune prevention of rings viruses. Therefore, strengthening feeding management and control of viral communication is the most effective means.
Prevention and treatment method: Lanyuan double-effect circular virus gratitar
ingredient: party ginseng, astragalus poly sugar, green source acid, golden tonnin, etc. Chinese medicine extract
Note: Can drink water.
During the medication, it does not affect the injection vaccine
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