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Pigged pig brainsee is caused by parenteral infectious diseases caused by pathogenic colorectal, is an acute highly lethal disease, with a rapid death of severe diarrhea, mainly in 3-7 days. Breastfeeding pigs, piglets are high, high mortality, and long-term growth of healthy development of pig industry.

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Born 1-3 days of piglets, row yellow is ray, contains curd small pieces, anal relaxation, mental non-cry, must There is a piglet without breeding milk, dehydration, soon, the anus is red, the anus is surrounded by the yellow dung, the eye is sailed, the failure is dead.
Test symptoms

Internal dirty disease mainly in gastrointestinal tract: gastrointestinal expanded stomach filled with smells, individual gastrogenesis;

intestinal expansion expansion The intestinal wall is thin, a half-transparent, mucous membrane and serum congestion, bleeding, edema, and gas in the intestine;

The intestinal lymph is diffuse bleeding point, and there is liquid exudate .
The cause of the disease

According to the study, the sow is found to be the main source of infection. Secondly, the pathogenesis pigs, the germ is spread in the outside, contaminating the mother pig skin and nipple, piglet sucking or licking the sow skin When infection in digestive tract, if the sow is lacking in the antibody of the sow, the pathogen can be recolulated on the lactal pig’s mucosa, producing a virus.

Prevention and treatment measures

For piglet, comprehensive measures must be taken to actively improve feeding management and pig hostess conditions.
1. Reasonable Adjustment of Feed

Strengthening the feeding management of pregnant sows to ensure the normal urging of sows, making sows have good physical conditions and more adequate energy during pregnancy and lactation supply. The location of the house is disinfected, and the boiling potassium permanganate is scrubbed for the production of sows and potassium permanganate.
2Pigged pig breeding management

minimize stress, improve the pig house environment, and do a good job in cold and warm or heatstroke.
3. For the common regions, E. coli diarrhea trivalent destroy vital or double-valent gene engineering seedlings are injected with pregnant sows in the previous month to obtain passive immunization through breast milk to prevent pathogenesis.
4. Wen gentamicin or kanamycin injection, muscle injection, 1 day two times, for 3 days.

For severe available gentamicin, gentamicin is separated from the hydraulin injection, and the glucose solution is added to add a small amount of hydraulic salt or dilute dilution in the sugar brine, intraperitoneal injection, and two day.

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