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When the bite is biting, there is biting households, and the bite is biting. It is biting a “bite” seriously endanger the quality of the fur, and the spread is widely affected by the economic benefits of the farmers. What is “biting hair”? ? ? “Bite” occurs in the spring and autumn chains and winter plush mature, there are many reasons: because of skin diseases, long Lai and parasites itchy, there is a shortage of food due to food Biting, because the weather suddenly changes, cooling bites, there is a bite because of the movement, transportation, and because of hereditary, most of the buddha occurs due to lack of vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids “Nutritional bite”!
“Nutritional Bite” is a nutrient metabolic disease due to nutrient (vitamin, trace elements, amino acid) lack, insufficient or disorders to bite itself. In addition to the part of the head, it can become the object of the bite, most parts are on the tail, the back side and the abdomen side, and the serious cases such as fox appearance seem to be bare fox, and there is a phenomenon.
The consequences of each nutrient or lack of time: the nutrients of the growth plush are mainly amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. The amino acid is mainly a sulfur-containing amino acid associated with plush growth, a sulfur amino acid comprising methionine, lysine, cystine, and cysteine, wherein methionine is the first restriction amino acid of fur animals, and lysine is a second limit. Sexual amino acids, when there is insufficient, it causes a baldness or bite. Vitamins are mainly B vitamins. When VB1 is lacking, it is mainly manifested as a whole body being compromised, reversible; VB2, VB12 and pantothenic acid deficiency, mainly manifested as a piece of hair in the whole body, and the hair color is light, and there is a symptoms of hypylaxyuric dermatitis. Trace elements are mainly sodium, iron, cobalt, manganese, zinc, calcium, sulfur, copper, etc., and when these trace elements are deficient, they will also induce an animal, which is the so-called bite.
Causes of nutrition lack or disordering, small analysis is: 1. Some farmers have low-cost inferior feed, and use less trace elements and vitamins with less use; 2. Some When the farm is processed, it does not pay attention to the processing method, causing some nutrients to be destroyed and lost its own nutritional value. Therefore, it is important to deal with “biting” nutrition! ! !
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