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China is the only country in which the world is completely retaining unique medical theoretical system. The Chinese veterinary is an important part of my country’s traditional veterinary medicine. It has been more than 2,000 years of application history. “Chicken Specification” is a book in the Qing Dynasty on the budget of the chicken, which is the only Chinese ancient Chinese chicken. It has clearly stated that the theory of chicken disease: “The sick of the husband, the sickness of the Sky, nothing more than the wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, and the heat of the blood is sick. If it is not carefully conditioning, Angon Is it born? Bush it smoothly, trial its cold, distinguish it is faint, distinguish it, and you can save it. “Independarded” Yin, Yang, Table, in the virtual, real, cold, heat “, no “Sixk” – wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire; unspeak the diagnosis according to the traditional veterinary virus, mycoplasma, bacteria, etc. The easiest thing about the “cold and wind fever” of the poultry.

Jingfu failure pure Chinese medicine antiviral improved resistance mainly prevention of spring and winter season viral diseases refers to: wind and coldness combined. The cold cold is a cold caused by the cold, and there is more winter and spring. Professional defense: Shrink Arch back spirit Shen Yu no mental cough feed volume drop body shot fluttering finishes and other details consultation 17768276005 WeChat synchronization

The difference between cold cold and wind hot colds From the following aspects:
(1) “Time”: From the time of onset: the cold cold happens in the autumn and winter season! Especially: “Dry Wind Birder” is the easiest way to scrape the northwest wind in autumn and winter, or have a wind. Wind hot colds are sent to spring and summer.
(2) “Water”: The wind is not like drinking water in the early days, but the wind is hot and cold, and the whole body infection has increased water.
(3) “Sound”: The cold cold flowing nose is much wet, the wind is more hot, and the wind is more dry.
(4) “Color”: Catomatic chicken cold cold trachea broncho is transparent, clear bright colored liquid, foam, or white mucus, only a small amount of bleeding in the intersection of the trachea (not common); wind hot cold Performance, lung bleeding, trachea, bronchiosis, or yellow cheese sample.
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