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Wang Yuhui must distinguish choline and bile acid must know choline and bile acid: 1, what? 2, how come? 3, can you do? 3_Pord .jpg

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1: 1: Choline VB4,, in 1849, in the bile of pigs, first separated. : Choline is a composition ingredient of bile acid. 2: Choline can not participate directly in fat metabolism, must be converted to beet bases to play a role. 3: There is a role in reducing fat deposition in the liver. 4: It is part of a phospholipid and lecithin. It works to increase bile acid salt particles to emulsify fat by bile acid salts. Choline can accelerate the “transportation” of fat, and does not work in absorption and excretion. More transportation, can not promote absorption and white. This is the reason why the chloride choline in the egg chicken feed can also solve fatty liver very well. 5: “Exogenous” additives, in the actual production of the amount, the amount is not well grasped, mixed, sometimes the burden on the body. Two: 1: Bile acid is a complex mixture with multiple biological activity. It is endogenous. 2: Promote the absorption of lipolytic vitamins, and these fatty vitamins can also remove the in vivo free radicals. 3: emulsification. The lipase is activated to enhance lipase activity. Transfer fatty acid. Therefore, fatty acids exerted other emulsifiers in the animal in animal body. 4: One of the important ways of cholesterol excretion is to generate bile acids. 5: Pakistasis: Decompose endotoxin, stimulate a large amount of bile eliminating stasis, combined with drugs, heavy metals, mold toxins and other hazardous substances discharged from the bile from bile into the intestine. 6: Anti-bronchromatic spasm of Anti-Ballogen, Goose deoxycholic acid and bile acids, etc. 7: Antibacterial: Control the intestinal pH to change the bacterial survival environment to reach antibacterial. The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (www.lcdzs.cn), please register. Thank you

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