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Both sick and Streptococcus disease, these two diseases have two clinical symptoms of inflammatory and internal organs.

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The cause of arthritis caused arthritis in the arthritis, mostly the signs of symmetrical occurrence, one sick is two legs.
The ham of the disease always exhibits a curved state, not dare to straighten. So once it is onset, the pig is squatting, and it will not stand and walk. And the unparalleled pain is extremely screaming. So some people say that got a pig’s pig, in fact, it is painful.
So, this disease must be injected at the same time. Otherwise, the antibiotics have not taken effectively, and the sick pigs have been hurt.

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Streptitis caused by colony epithautic arthritis, mostly a legs, rarely see the circumstances, and the pathogenic part may also deviate from the joint site some. The sick pig is standing and snourishing, it is a bit of the leg.

Piercing the pathogenesis, the liquid flowing out of the liquid, is yellowish, and the liquid flowing out of the bacteria is a milk sample, that is, the pulp.

Inner tertiary

opened the chest of the dead pig, and the entrance of the organ was adhesive. Don’t see if you look at the lungs. What should I do? Look at the heart!

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The vice pig is a heartbend inflammation is also the heart of the heart, the flowing liquid is close to the heart, and the heart is adhesivetogether. You think, the heart is smoothed. Therefore, you can easily peel off this film from the surface of the heart.

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Streptococcus is myocarditis is also myocardial inflammation, tissue liquid 渗 渗, then tissue liquid leaply, forming a package. You think, the heart is like a volcano, the exotic lesion, just like a crater. Therefore, the upper exudate is integrated with the heart of the heart.

You want to peel off the cardiac package from the heart, it is difficult.
Even if it is peeling, the pit peeling of the heart surface will also be peeled. At the same time, due to myocardial inflammation, the tissue liquid in myocardium was infiltrated, resulting in a severe of the whole heart, screaming, like a long time.

Internal tide, his own hand, peeling the heart of the heart, it is clear. Do not move, always outside the door, you can’t remember it forever. The so-called ear listening is empty, and you can do your true fake. Take it once, Yong Ji life.

The above is only a personal point of view, only for reference only.

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